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"Дом.ru" tested service of video support with augmented reality

Customers: ER-Telecom Holding (Дом.ru)

Product: Call center - Construction projects and upgrades of call centers and contact centers

Project date: 2010/04  - 2019/08

2019: Testing of service of video support with augmented reality

On September 5, 2019 the Дом.ru telecom operator announced testing of service of video support with augmented reality – now clients have an opportunity to resolve technical issues in the mode of video conference with the company by means of the smartphone.

The call center specialist of "Дом.ru" sends to the client the Sms with the link for connection to service, and then a system requests permission to use of the camera of the smartphone. After that everything that will be broadcast by the camera, the specialist of support of "Дом.ru" will see, and the movement of the employee "mouse" will be displayed on the client's screen. The client can communicate with the operator on a public address system. The built-in graphics editor will allow to explain clearly that the user needs to make: what keys click what wires and where to include. Thus the client will be able independently to configure operation of the equipment, without resorting to a call of the specialist on the house.

This solution is safe for clients of the company and does not require installation of additional programs, everything occurs century browser. The staff of technical support gets access to the smartphone camera only after receiving consent from the user and exactly for assistance. Right after closing of the browser or a tab in it video broadcasting stops. In the solution it is used modern protocols enciphering and security HTTPS TLS, SRTP and WebSocket Secure, authentication using tokens, algorithm enciphering data of AES-256-CBC.

Thanks to service of video support, clients will be able quicker to resolve the issue, and "Дом.ru" will reduce the number of departures of service engineers, will reduce duration of each call and will increase the accuracy of diagnostics of problems. Now the software is set in ten workplaces of staff of contact center, support according to video for September, 2019 was got by more than 2000 people. The results of testing will be summed up in October.

Operators of contact centers "Дом.ru" in Izhevsk, Naberezhnye Chelny, Omsk, Perm on average in a year receive more than 8 million calls. Most often clients consult on technical issues, operations with the agreement and charges. About 15% of addresses are connected with operation of the equipment. It is important to client to receive the fast solution of the question. Ten years ago users wanted that they were responsible them in 20 seconds. Three years ago - that it was possible to write to a chat and to receive the answer instantly. The client should not even speak about the problem – the technical specialist of "Дом.ru" sees it via the camera of the smartphone and can explain how to solve,
notes Dmitry Gulyaev, the director of the Joint contact center of "Дом.ru"

2010: Creation of the joint call center in Izhevsk

The project of creation of the joint call center is implemented based on the platform ER-Telecom in Izhevsk, as of the end of March, 2010 on the platform in Izhevsk addresses of subscribers from seven cities in which the operator provides services (Izhevsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Saratov, Barnaul, Voronezh, Lipetsk, Krasnoyarsk) were serviced. In process of start of sales in the new cities of the project and further geographical expansion, the city will be connected to service in the joint call center. Gradually all cities of the project will pass to service in uniform own call center ER-Telecom.

In September, 2010 the ER-Telecom company opened in Perm the Command Center Sales (CCS) - the new federal division of the company designed to perform sales of telecommunication services in all Russia from Perm. Today he was visited by the governor of Perm Krai Oleg Chirkunov. Command Center Sales is a modern, hi-tech office where more than 450 jobs are already created. The personnel increase to 1 thousand is in the future planned. Today the investment volume into creation of Command Center Sales was about 300 million rubles.

From Perm calls are performed across all territory of presence ER-Telecom - in 22 Russian cities. Operators ring round potential clients. According to the results of telephone negotiations the request for connection to products ER-Telecom is sent to the city where the potential client lives.