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The Vostochny bank using BSS scales the RBS system based on Digital2Go on all the network

Customers: East Bank

Blagoveshchensk; Financial services, investments and audit

Product: Digital2Go

Project date: 2018/08  - 2019/03



Scaling of the RBS system on all network of bank

The Vostochny bank and BSS company announced on March 14, 2019 scaling of the solution RBS of small and medium business based on the Digital2Go platform on all network of bank across all territory of the Russian Federation.

Start of service took place at the beginning of February Nizhny Novgorod. Within the pilot specialists of bank and BSS collected responses and wishes of users to consider all requests of clients.

According to Vostochny bank, the RBS system provides all the most necessary at implementation of financial transactions. In addition to basic functionality, the solution for SMB on the Digital2Go platform has a number of the options facilitating work of the enterprise with finance.

Feature of the platform — the configured marketplace. For clients the connectivity to additional services a jar, changes of a tariff plan is always opened. The Vostochny bank, in turn, thanks to this tool, can individually, adjust the RKO tarriff suitable it for the client or make the unique proposal on an overdraft.

As specified in bank, the RBS system was created with active participation and advisory support of specialists of the analytical agency Markswebb.

Start of the RBS system based on Digital2Go in Nizhny Novgorod in the pilot mode

Vostochny bank also BSS presented the solution for remote banking small and medium business on the platform Digital2Go which offers relevant systems capabilities internet and mobile banking of the last generation. On February 7, 2019 the Vostochny Bank reported about it.

The Digital2Go platform and service for small and medium business is the solution allowing to optimize interaction of bank with the client, ensuring infrastructure, safety, a compliance with law, maintenance and development. The client in a one click can check a status of accounts, the entering and outgoing payments, to create payment, to receive the statement. The interface of the solution is also equipped with such positions as the main events, a uniform tape of transactions, information on blocking and arrests of means on the account.

A system provides function of control of cash flow, change of the account balance, dynamics of receipts and write-offs of means, the list of partners with the amounts of receipts and write-offs for a certain period. For convenience of clients of East and bigger visualization this analytics is presented in a schedule type and charts. The solution of Vostochny and BSS bank also suggests the client to use more available and simple payment method, intellectual search and function of autocompletion.

The solution is started in the pilot mode in Nizhny Novgorod. Within the pilot specialists of bank and BSS will collect all responses and wishes of users as much as possible to consider all requests of clients and in the nearest future to provide to all Russian businessmen ideal online banking.

"We represent RBS for SME from Vostochny bank to entrepreneurs of the Nizhny Novgorod Region. We hope that business of Nizhny Novgorod will appreciate all our practices regarding remote service. At the same time the pilot will pass in an interactive format.
Anna Yermolaeva, the associate director of Vostochny bank on SME and regional corporate business – Director of the department of development of products and processes of SME