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FTS will spend 35 million for Russian mail software Samovar

Customers: Federal Tax Service (FTS)

Moscow; Government and social institutions

Product: Postman Samoware

Project date: 2020/01  - 2020/02
Project's budget: 35 000 000 руб.
Number of licenses: 20 000

2020: Tender for Samoware purchase

On February 12, 2020 it became known that the Federal Tax Service (FTS) intends to expand functionality of the mail system at the expense of a communication framework of Samoware (one of pronunciation options — "samovar") to the Russian company "Postmen" existing less than a year. Department selected 35 million rubles stated as the starting maximum price of the contract on the corresponding tender in a format of an electronic auction for these purposes.

Principle of interaction of Postman Samoware

Federal state institution "Nalog-service" FTS acts as the direct customer. Requests from applicants will be accepted till February 20, 2020. Biddings are planned for February 25. The winner will need to provide to the customer of updating and the latests version of software within 12 months.

FTS is required to 20 thousand licenses for Samoware.

Analogs are not allowed for ensuring compatibility with the exploited customer of software of CommuniGate Pro, said in the technical project.

The specified product which is already used in FTS is developed by the international company with the Russian roots created by Vladimir Butenko. CommuniGate Pro represents the solution for transfer of e-mail, a voice, video, files providing, on assurances of developers, "unprecedented safety of Internet communications for the web focused and mobile users". The product is included in the Register of domestic software at the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications since September, 2016.

As for Samoware, it is positioned precisely the desktop client for Communigate Pro. This software is not included in the Register of domestic software yet; the request from the owner is under consideration since December 12, 2019. The agreement of the author's order of May 7, 2019 appears in the data on the exclusive right presented in the request.

For February 12, 2020 in FTS and in "Tax service" could not answer a question, required for employees what FTS functionality will add Samoware to Communigate Pro.

Communigate Pro is server solution. In 2019 FTS made the decision to expand functionality of a mail system due to implementation of the client interface. The universal communication client of Samoware — the client application which seamlessly brings all functionality which was shown by the customer within technical specifications to the end user of Communigate Pro,
explains the commercial director of Communigate Systems Russia Vladimir Burgov[1]