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OTR develops subsystems of "The electronic budget" and substitutes foreign IT products with domestic solutions

Customers: Federal Treasury of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation

Moscow; Government and social institutions

Contractors: OTR
Product: FSIS (individual development)
Second product: OTR. Support

Project date: 2018/09  - 2019/06
Project's budget: 335 million руб.

The OTR company ("Organizational technological solutions") for the benefit of Federal Treasury implements the project on development of a management subsystem by expenses regarding treasurer maintenance (PUR of KS) and to creation of the management subsystem in cash (MSC) of the state integrated information system "Electronic Budget" (GIIS EB).

OTR develops subsystems of "The electronic budget" and substitutes foreign IT products with domestic solutions

About the Customer

The Federal Treasury of the Russian Federation (FC) is the federal executive authority performing functions on execution of the federal budget, cash services, control over transactions with means of a budget system of the Russian Federation.

About the Electronic Budget system

"The electronic budget" - the integrated information management system public finance. A system is intended for ensuring transparency, openness and accountability of activity of state agencies and also quality improvement of their financial management due to formation of a common information space and use of ICT in the field of management of the public and municipal (public) finances.

System architecture "The electronic budget" includes the centralized subsystems implementing basic functions in the field of management of public finance, the service subsystems providing optional providing information services and also the uniform portal of a budget system of the Russian Federation.

The basis of the Electronic Budget system is formed by the centralized subsystems:

  • maintaining registers;
  • budget planning;
  • revenue managements;
  • debt management and financial assets;
  • cash managements;
  • expenditure managements;
  • purchase managements;
  • managements of non-financial assets;
  • managements of personnel resources;
  • accounting and reporting;
  • financial control;
  • information and analytical providing.

Project Goals and Objectives

The project provides two main objectives - development of a management subsystem by expenses regarding treasurer maintenance (PUR of KS) and creation of a management subsystem by money regarding budget payments (PUDS).

The purpose of development of PUR is formation of the centralized system providing automation in a common information space of processes of maintaining and accounting of transactions at treasurer maintenance of means in currency of the Russian Federation and also formation summary and differentiated (on separate groups of indicators of data) the analytical reporting under treasurer maintenance.

Creations of PUDS it is designed to create the centralized payment system providing process automation of carrying out budget payments with observance of requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation.

According to the technical project, subsystems should be implemented in three-unit or multiservice architecture based on web technologies. The client application should be based on use thin or the client's web. The thin client should be developed taking into account minimization of traffic, requirements to computing resources and memory of jobs of users.

Inclusion in structure of the subsystems of the programs or components which are the intellectual property of the contractor or developed by the third parties and delivered to the customer "as is", it is allowed only in case of their inclusion in the Unified register of the Russian programs.

Management subsystem expenses regarding treasurer maintenance

The Management Subsystem Expenses (MSE) of the Electronic Budget system regarding treasurer maintenance is intended for carrying out and accounting of transactions with budgetary funds on the personal accounts opened for accounting of transactions with means of the legal entities which are not participants of budget process, opened in bodies of Federal Treasury.

Users of PUR regarding treasurer maintenance are participants of a system of treasurer maintenance – NUBP (the legal entities which are not participants of budget process and their separate divisions) which opens personal accounts for accounting of transactions of not participant of budget process in territorial authorities of Federal Treasury and also the state customers (the main managers of budgetary funds, receivers of budgetary funds), customers organizations (federal budget and autonomous institutions).

The mechanism of treasurer maintenance is intended for effective use, ensuring transparency and control of budgetary funds according to large state orders. The main difference of future functionality of PUR of KS from existing in the current ASFT (Automated System of Federal Treasury) system – simplification of the scheme of opening and service of customer accounts, increase in conveniences and level of the service provided by Treasury. The list of the accompanied customers extends. Thereby, the Federal Treasury increases efficiency of use of billions of budgetary funds.

Management subsystem in cash

The Management Subsystem in Cash (MSC) regarding budget payments is intended for implementation of budget payments and management of the uniform account of the federal budget (the corresponding budgets of a budget system of the Russian Federation) according to the legislation of the country.

Creation of PUDS – break in development of functions of Treasury as it is the first step to creation of a system of treasurer payments which will allow in the future Treasury to execute settlement between clients instantly, without involvement of the Bank of Russia almost in the round-the-clock mode (from 1 a.m. till 9 p.m. on MSK). It will be a high-performance system by the number of transactions, comparable with large banks (about 36 million transactions a day). In it absolutely new features on control and restriction of settlings with partners which are included in lists of the extremist and terrorist organizations will also be implemented.

Project Progress

The contract for project implementation was signed with OTR company on September 12, 2018. All works are separated into 2 stages. The first stage was completed on December 17, 2018, accomplishment of the second should be complete till June 30, 2019.

Within the first part of the project the OTR company in a management subsystem expenses ensures functioning of basic process of treasurer maintenance taking into account the new scheme of opening of personal accounts and sections. Accomplishment of the second stage will add to basic process of function of work with hard cash, treasurer providing obligations and processes of suspension of payments.

As for a management subsystem money, based on accomplishment of the first stage of the project provides interaction with the Central Bank, ASFK, GIS GMP, GIS ZhKH and subsystems of GIIS EB. End of the second stage will add interaction with credit institutions, processes of identification of fraudulent transactions and the additional reporting.

Within project implementation a number of the systems of foreign producers (Oracle, IBM) were substituted with domestic IT products, in particular, the solution of company OTR, Postgres EE DBMS, Linux OS.

The total cost of the contract is 335 million rubles.

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