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What new Gazprom`s office with design by Artemy Lebedev and ultramodern multimedia will look like

Customers: Gazprom

Moscow; Gas industry

Product: Audiovisions (projects)

Project date: 2019/01  - 2019/02


The Gazprom avtomatizatsiya company acting as the general contractor on the project of creation of the central dispatcher station (CDS) of Gazprom in February, 2019 published a photo of design and a detail about multimedia filling of the center in the corporate newspaper.

The dispatcher station of Gazprom will be placed in "Lahta the center", the highest building for February, 2019 in Europe (462 meters). At this TsDP is only a part of new office of Gazprom which will occupy all 87 floors of a skyscraper.[1] As of August, 2018 cost "Lahta of the center" was estimated at 155.6 billion rubles ($2.48 billion at the rate of at that time).[2] In October, 2018 "Lahta the Center" got permission to commissioning. It is expected that by the end of 2019 an object will become populated.

Multifunction complex \"Lahta Center\"
Multifunction complex "Lahta Center"

Functional units of TsDP

According to Gazprom avtomatizatsiya, the projectible central dispatcher station will consist of three main units:

  • the hall of supervisory control (with a zone of supervisory control of ESG and a zone of supervisory control by supply of gas within export contracts) which will be responsible for object management of ESG (Unified gas supply system) in the operational and strategic modes it is continuous 24/7;
  • analytical center which will provide to the top management of Gazprom reliable, timely and operational information;
  • and hall of acceptance of delegations; performing representative functions within holding actions with participation of the top officials of the states, representatives of authorities of the Russian Federation, with delegations of the foreign states and private foreign companies and so forth.

Hall of supervisory control of TsDP of Gazprom
Hall of supervisory control of TsDP of Gazprom

Multimedia "stuffing"

In turn, the basis of the multimedia solution of the central dispatcher station, according to Gazprom avtomatizatsiya, is made:

  • the dispatching screen — the LED videowall of high resolution;
  • a system from six projectors with ultrashort-focus mirror lenses and the motorized projection screen; * the additional projective system "Projection to a Floor" from four projectors and a system projective video meppinga on the basis of a projector with the motorized mirror;
  • additional vertical videowalls (on columns) and the transparent projection screen.

Analytical center TsDP of Gazprom
Analytical center TsDP of Gazprom

Features of an interior

On assurance of the general contractor, the developed space-planning solutions for TsDP premises as much as possible consider arrangement, a form and design features of space of a high-rise tower "Lahta the center".

Hall of acceptance of delegations of TsDP of Gazprom
Hall of acceptance of delegations of TsDP of Gazprom

"Interiors create the minimalist surfaces which are effectively emphasized with illumination, stained glass glazing with large-scale views of the Gulf of Finland and the means of information display which are ergonomically built in constructions", said in the publication of Gazprom avtomatizatsiya.

All surfaces of the premises, including wall and curtain closing windows are used for reproduction of information content of corporate IT systems of Gazprom. During demonstration of the presentations specialists will have an opportunity to use video mepping, representing 3D - a projection to a physical entity of the environment, taking into account its geometry and location in space.

"Artemy Lebedev's Studio" was engaged in development of interior design. In what price services of studio managed, it is not specified.

What Gazprom avtomatizatsiya is responsible for

Gazprom avtomatizatsiya as general subcontract organization is responsible for execution of works on the fifth stage of building, namely: "Arrangement of office spaces for placement of divisions of PJSC Gazprom in St. Petersburg in IFC "Lahta the center" (Phase 1). Premises of the Central dispatcher station of PJSC Gazprom in the building Tower of IFC "Lahta the center"".

The problem of design and implementation of TsDP of Gazprom in the high rise building in Gazprom avtomatizatsiya was characterized as "difficult" and "non-standard". For its accomplishment on start of the project in the company the working group of specialists of operating units was created: Managements of the production and dispatching systems, Managements of IT projects, Managements of system and technical infrastructure having long-term experience of creation of the dispatching systems, management information systems and DPC on key production and infrastructure facilities of Gazprom.