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AI in Gazprom: fighting gas theft, employment of employees and other scenarios

Customers: Gazprom

Moscow; Gas industry

Product: Artificial intelligence (AI, Artificial intelligence, AI)

Project date: 2018/01

Speaking at the TAdviser Big Data and BI Day conference in September, 2019, the project manager of implementation of a numerical control system investment projects and risks of Gazprom of Jan Krukhmalev gave examples where are already used and can potentially be applied artificial intelligence technology and Big Data in the company.

Yana Krukhmaleva at the TAdviser Big Data and BI Day conference

For example, Gazprom tests systems which whether allowed it to minimize a human factor. One of them - the reliability of the potential employee allowing to determine by a voice. On the basis of the analysis of a voice on a set of indicators a system issues assessment as far as costs or you should not cooperate with this or that candidate.

Gazprom considers application of such system and when interviewing experts in risks assessment. At the time of issue of estimates of a risks probability by them it would be possible to understand what places it doubts and in what it is confident, the speaker explained.

Slide from Yana Krukhmaleva's presentation

Still there is a system of the Russian development allowing to foresee when the employee is going to leave. It very much helps HR department as when the key employee is going to leave, it is necessary to understand urgently who will replace him. A system makes semantic analysis of the text of working correspondence between employees, monitors actions in their computers, builds profiles of already left employees and compares them to current. According to the results of training the result about the probability of dismissal of the employee is issued with 98% reliability. Also considers this Gazprom system to application.

Slide from Yana Krukhmaleva's presentation
Why we so like artificial intelligence? He is not mistaken, accurately follows the algorithm put in it, he should not pay, it works day and night. In those places where it would be possible to apply it, we will do it. It is inevitable process: not stop technology progress, - marked out Jan Krukhmalev.

According to the lecturer, in implementation process in Gazprom - use of artificial intelligence and technologies of Big Data for minimization of thefts of gas. Thefts periodically happen in different points, Krukhmaleva noted. The analytical algorithm which is going to be set in all subsidiary gas supplying and gas-distributing companies was developed for counteraction to it in Gazprom. It will allow to reveal gas theft in short terms. According to the representative of Gazprom, for today most this problem is particularly acute in the North Caucasian Federal District.

Partly history connected with Big Data - use of drones on objects of Gazprom for construction control. Earlier information on that how many it is laid pipes how many it is carried out recultivation, etc. came to Excel, and not always it was reliable, the representative of Gazprom says. And today everything occurs online, drones scan the platform, the 3D model is under construction, and the project manager or the foreman can see at themselves on the computer at office that he really happens.

Slide from Yana Krukhmaleva's presentation

In addition to this subject of Jan Krukhmalev at a conference of TAdviser also told about premises and the choice of the solution for creation of a numerical control system investment projects and risks in Gazprom. Read more here.

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