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Gazprombank will estimate efficiency of own procedures of retail collecting using NBKI service

Customers: Gazprombank (GPB)

Moscow; Financial services, investments and audit

Product: NBKI Benchmarking

Project date: 2019/04  - 2019/09

2019: Efficiency evaluation of procedures of retail collecting using NBKI service

On October 9, 2019 NKBI reported that Gazprombank uses in the work the report "Benchmarking. Collecting". The NBKI service allows the creditor to estimate, his procedures of retail collecting are how effective, to improve these mechanisms.

The NBKI makes the report for the customer on the basis of contrastive analysis with reference group of other creditors. Data on debt collection of individuals are provided by types of loan, the amounts and regions of issue, ranges of scoring and terms of delay in days. Each parameter is provided in dynamics for the last year. The report is offered in monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and single options of a subscription.

The NBKI service is the tool allowing to assess in a complex a real situation in the market of debt collection of individuals by creditors. Assessment and comparison of efficiency of these procedures is necessary for more exact and detailed planning of actions for retail collecting. One of the most important advantages of the report is the possibility of adoption of the timely and weighed solutions on the basis of the analysis of representative market data,
speaks the Senior vice president of Gazprombank Anna Goryacheva

The current situation in retail lending shows to analytics on debt collection serious requirements. Service "Benchmarking. Collecting" gives a real idea of quality of collecting in the market of retail lending and its separate segments. For this reason the report is extremely demanded by the creditors aiming to understand efficiency rate of own procedures of collecting and to plan this activity on the basis of representative market data. In present conditions such approach defines competitive advantages and, therefore, success of creditors in the market of retail lending,
comments the CEO of NBKI Alexander Vikulin