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"Gazprombank Avtoleasing" created virtual IT infrastructure based on#CloudMTS

Customers: Gazprombank Avtoleasing

Product: CloudMTC (CloudMTS)

Project date: 2018/11  - 2019/04

On May 14, 2019 Gazprombank Avtoleasing reported that became the partner provider MTS within the complex project on creation of the virtual IT infrastructures company on the basis of the# platform CloudMTS. Use cloud of technology will allow Gazprombank to increase Avtoleasing efficiency of IT resources, to accelerate several times business scaling, having reduced time and costs for the IT-bazy organization of the opening branches. On the basis of a cloud platform work of the central office and 8 regional branches is already organized, by the end of 2019 10 more departments will be open.

Implementing the concept "Easy leasing", Gazprombank the Avtoleasing configured based on resources of#CloudMTS provider work of client online services, mobile applications for IOS and Android, the internal accounting systems, business and office programs. The cloud solution provides high availability and speed of work of digital customer services Gazprombank Avtoleasing - is up to 10 times faster in comparison with traditional approach, saving at the same time the high level of reliability and security.

We stake on fast and simple process of receiving leasing services in a digital format within the concept "Easy leasing". Gradually from a startup we turn into the serious player of the market of autoleasing in Russia. In 2019 we carried out the leasing transaction completely in the online mode: the personal meeting with the client took place only at the time of issue of the car. All other stages were implemented using modern digital services, in our case – functioning mainly on the basis of cloud computing. We selected cloud model of development from the start of business: we have no server, all systems, crucial for business, work in a cloud of MTS. It allows us to develop quickly business, opening branches in few days and starting the services demanded by the market.
Lilia Markova, chief executive officer of Gazprombank Avtoleasing company

Business of Gazprombank Avtoleasing company is close to us on spirit and the ambitious plans. It is an excellent example of how the company of federal scale can effectively develop, without spending funds for own IT equipment. The client just increases the volume of the consumed cloud services in process of growth and opening of branches. At the same time we understand what responsibility lies on us as on provider and are ready to guarantee non-failure operation of service. Own geographically distributed data centers and communication channels through the whole country, the round-the-clock support service and deep understanding of requirements of the Russian companies – all this allows us to provide high-quality services, becoming this partner in business development of clients.
Oleg Motovilov, director of cloud provider#CloudMTS