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In the Government of the Udmurt Republic work with projects of the NPA in a digital form now

Customers: Government of the Udmurt Republic

Izhevsk; Government and social institutions

Contractors: Directum
Product: Directum (EDMS/ECM system)
Second product: Directum Solo

Project date: 2013/10  - 2020/05
Number of licenses: 10000


2020: Directum Solo use

About 4000 staff of bodies of the state and municipal authority and subordinated organizations in the Udmurt Republic work with projects of regulatory legal acts in electronic form. And heads use mobile application of Directum Solo and can participate in approval even far from a workplace. On June 29, 2020 Directum reported about it.

The government of the Udmurt Republic since 2011 works in Directum. State bodies, local government authorities, subordinated organizations and also other organizations which signed the agreement on information exchange are connected to a single system of electronic document management.

Projects of the regulatory legal acts (RLA) were developed and approved on paper earlier, and for each approving the separate copy of the project of the NPA and an accompanying set of documents was prepared. For review the project of the NPA the responsible personally visited the departments participating in consideration of the document which are territorially deleted from each other. At emergence of notes the initiator was forced to go several times — to take away documents with notes and to bring corrected. It was required to accelerate process and to increase its transparency.

On start of the project before a command of Directum company there were tasks:

  • transfer to a digital form and optimize process of approval of projects of the NPA;
  • create the convenient mechanism of tracking of history of work with the document and its current status;
  • increase performing discipline regarding an approval adherence to deadlines.

Within the project work with resolutions and orders of the Government of the Udmurt Republic, decrees and orders of the Head of the Udmurt Republic, orders of the Prime Minister of the Udmurt Republic is automated.

Each employee who participates in creation and approval of the NPA was trained. In addition informative instructions were developed for users. As conveniences and advantages of use of a system employees select:

  • functionality of the solution — transferred each stage of work with the project of the NPA to a digital form: creation and approval. All necessary actions are conveniently located on a cover of the special developed module;
  • convenient approval — documents will be approved along in advance configured routes corresponding to regulations of the Government of the Udmurt Republic. Also automatically sheets of approval and the sheet of mailing with the list of the organizations and a delivery mode form;
  • automatic registration of projects of the NPA — after submitting for examination the document is brought in uniform base. A system automatically assigns registration number to the project of the NPA signed by the head of department.
  • the uniform electronic base of projects of the NPA is implemented in a system now. The employee, having necessary access rights, can always quickly find the necessary document. Besides, reference books of a system display a stage of consideration of the NPA.

To heads digitalization of processes allows to control stages and terms of works, and it has a positive impact on performing discipline. At any time it is possible to estimate at what stage there is a project of the NPA, to browse the history of work with it. The table part in which it is visible at whom in work the document with what result approved the previous approving is provided in a card of each project of the NPA.

Staff of Administration of the Head and the Government of the Udmurt Republic, attendants of the NPA, can predict the number of the expected documents now and plan the loading for the next period.

Besides, heads had an opportunity at any time, being even absent in a workplace, to approve the project of the NPA using mobile application of Directum Solo. For signing of documents the strengthened qualified electronic signatures are used.

In the Government of the Udmurt Republic requirements for development of functionality of the module for 2020 are already defined: increase flexibility of a route of approval and make work of employees even more convenient.


As of November, 2016 the total quantity of users of EDMS among the staff of the Government of the Udmurt Republic according to Directum company exceeds 10 thousand.


On December 27, 2013 the Directum company announced receiving in November, 2013 by the Government of the Udmurt Republic versions of the EDMS certified according to requirements of FSTEC.

Project Tasks

Special requirements in respect of data security provision are imposed to the state information systems used by authorities. In particular, requirements are described in Federal Law N 149-FZ "About information, information technologies both on data protection" and in the Order of the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation of September 2, 2011 No. 221 "About the approval of requirements to information systems of electronic document management of the federal executive authorities considering including need of processing by means of these systems of the service information of limited distribution".

Project Progress

For confirmation of conformity EDMS DIRECTUM to the set requirements a system is certified by everything Federal Service for Technical and Export Control (FSTEC).

The FSTEC certificate is issued on May 28, 2013 based on the tests which are carried out by MICROTEST laboratory in 2013. It will certify that information security tool from unauthorized access of users to the database which is built in the DIRECTUM 4.9 system (on the 4th NDV level), can be used as for confidential information protection (AS to class 1G inclusive), and for personal data protection. The certificate will be valid till May 28, 2016. The DIRECTUM company is going to certify and the subsequent versions of a system, providing to the customers development of functionality not to the detriment of security.

Also the version DIRECTUM 4.9 received the positive decision about correct embedding of a CIPF CRYPTOPRO CSP of version 3.6 in DIRECTUM 4.9 from FSB Russia.

Project Results

The first customer who received the certified version of DIRECTUM - the Government of the Udmurt Republic. For authority compliance of an information system to all requirements of the legislation was the critical moment. More than 30 executive authorities occupying several dozens of territorially remote buildings are a part of the Government. Authorities interact among themselves in the common information space constructed on the basis of DIRECTUM.

In a system more than 5.2 thousand users work. Acquisition by the Government of UR of the certified version of DIRECTUM is the next step on the way of creation of the Electronic Government of the republic.