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In 2020 "IZ-Karteks" is going to increase the number of the equipment connected to a monitoring system Manager

Customers: IZ-Karteks name PG of Korobkov (Izhora Plants there are Career heavy excavators)

St. Petersburg; Mechanical engineering and instrument making

Contractors: Digit
Product: Digit: Manager Monitoring System of Industrial Equipment and Personnel

Project date: 2018/12  - 2019/12


Plans for increase in number of the equipment connected to a monitoring system of the AIS "Manager"

In 2020 the producer of the excavator equipment – IZ-Karteks im. P. G. Korobkova LLC (St. Petersburg, Kolpino) is going to increase the number of the equipment connected to a monitoring system and to expand functionality of the AIS "Manager". It became known on January 10, 2020.

Use of digital technologies for monitoring of work of the machine park based on the AIS "Manager" "IZ-Karteks" of the beginnings in 2017. At the beginning of 2019 the enterprise brought into trial operation on 10 machines the module of monitoring of operation of the equipment and personnel allowing to trace in real time a status of machines, the actual loading of each processing center, efficiency of execution of operations, to fix the idle time reasons.

According to the head of project office "IZ-Karteks" Andrey Ovcharenko, results of testing are considered successful: growth of operation of the equipment on the program, decrease in number of idle times and increase in production volumes on the machines participating in an experiment is recorded.

And in general the technology discipline improved, the efficiency of response of services to problems work-related the equipment increased,
noted Andrey Ovcharenko

In December, 2019 the management of the enterprise approved the investment program aimed at the development of digital technologies. In 2020 within the "Monitoring System of a Production Equipment" (MSPE) project 10 machines will be connected in addition. Also it is going to integrate accounting systems "IZ-Karteks" with the AIS "Manager" that will allow to issue directly a task for the machine and to obtain from it data on the transaction accomplishment fact, to estimate loading of the equipment.

The investment program provides both development of the systems of energy consumption by the equipment and video control of operation of machines and also barcodings of technology transactions for receiving operational and reliable data about the actual runtime of transaction[1].


Cooperation in the field of digital solutions for heavy mechanical engineering

On July 9, 2019 the Tsifra company reported that it agreed with UK "UZTM-KARTEKS" about cooperation in the field of digital solutions for heavy mechanical engineering.

Platforms for joint work of the parties will become Uralmashplant, "IZ-KARTEKS of P.G. Korobkov" and "OMZ is Foundry production", being in management of "UZTM-KARTEKS". In particular, the monitoring system Manager developed by Digit is already implemented and sales opportunity of joint AI projects is considered.

Also Digit and "UZTM-KARTEKS" express intention to conduct joint surveys in the field of digitalization of discrete production, to develop the most effective technologies of collecting, storage and work with production data and to improve approaches to transformation production and business processes in the agreement. In parallel the parties will cooperate also in training for work in the conditions of digital transformation of the industry.

Within the investment program of Gazprombank at the UZTM-KARTEKS enterprises several projects on production digitalization are already implemented. So, Uralmashplant at the end of 2018 began commercial operation of an automated system of cyclic planning, and for July, 2019 tests a control system of operation of the excavator which allows designers of the plant to obtain online information on a status of the machine working at the production site of the customer. IZ-KARTEKS started a pilot project on system implementation Manager who in real time performs condition monitoring of the equipment, establishes the idle time reasons, controls technology discipline.

We expect that cooperation with Digit will allow us to create complex approach to creation of "smart production", to accelerate implementation of digital-projects.

Jan Tsenter, the CEO of UK "UZTM-KARTEKS" told