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In Sevastopol upgraded the system of interdepartmental electronic interaction

Customers: Head department of informatization and communication of Sevastopol

Sevastopol; Government and social institutions

Contractors: Smart Consulting
Product: System of Interdepartmental Electronic Interaction (SIEI)

Project date: 2018/09  - 2019/02

On March 14, 2019 Academpark reported that in Sevastopol upgraded the system of interdepartmental electronic interaction used for providing state services. A system was complemented with functional parts of "Digit MEV". The Head department of informatization and communication of Sevastopol acted as the project orderer, and the contractor – Smart Consulting company, the resident of Academpark. As a result providing state services to residents of Sevastopol became easier and operational.

The system of electronic interdepartmental interaction (SIEI) simplifies receiving the public and municipal services, exempting citizens from collecting of references in different departments. Using a system government employees can independently obtain the necessary information from electronic databases, doing state services for the population more well and quicker.

The made updating of a system will allow to reduce budgeted expenses of maintenance and operation of information systems of the electronic government. The quality and transparency of providing the public and municipal services will increase.

In a project deliverable a system is transferred to more perfect standard of interaction – SIEI 3.0. Besides, now in Sevastopol Electronic Data Interchange through SIEI is possible not only with federal agencies, but also between departments in the region.

The updated program is easy in mastering, is only necessary for work with it internet- browser and the interface is convenient and intuitive. A system can work at weak channels communications and even at their temporary absence. After communication recovery all requests created during its shutdown will be sent automatically.

In the upgraded system the module which provides data exchange with an information system about the state and municipal payments (GIS GMP) is implemented, allows to specify and cancel charges. Payment by applicants of the state fees is checked automatically now, presentation of receipts becomes unnecessary. Regional departments of Sevastopol already actively began to use the appeared functions.

Also within upgrade the analytical subsystem which collects and processes data on work of a software package, users of a system, amount of the sent and accepted requests is created. All information is displayed in a convenient and clear form using evident diagrams and charts.

As a result of the executed project modern technologies of the digital government fully became available to residents of Sevastopol. Improvement of service of making an appointment in departments and also integration of the regional digital government with federal resources, such as, for example, EGR ZAGS system can be further steps on development of a system.
Alexander Sinyukov, head of practice of "Digit MEV" of Smart Consulting company