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PMH started integration of the systems of digitalization of sales

Customers: Industrial metallurgical holding of UK (PMH)

Moscow; Metallurgical industry

Product: Oracle E-Business Suite (OEBS)
Second product: Oracle Sales Cloud

Project date: 2017/05  - 2019/01


2019: Completion of tests of modules of the systems of digitalization of sales

On February 11, 2019 the Industrial Metallurgical Holding (IMH), one of world suppliers of commodity cast iron and large producer of commodity coke in Russia, announced completion of tests of modules of the systems of digitalization of sales of OSC and CPQ.

For February, 2019 tests of modules are complete, their integration in the conditions of really operating production is conducted. The modules OSC and CPQ are implemented at two PMH enterprises – PJSC Tulachermet and PJSC KOKS and also the partner enterprise "Tula Steel". Integration of OSC (Oracle Sales Cloud) allows to control and manage completely lifecycle of the current contract or potential order. The module CPQ (Configure, Price and Quote) gives the chance to strengthen control of pricing, allowing to create, for example, in the automatic mode the commercial offer taking into account all needs of the customer.

Implementation of these modules gives the chance to build the integrated system of sales, to receive an additional margin and to raise customer satisfaction due to unification of process and reduction of terms of sales. For example, reduction of time of formation of the commercial offer from several weeks to hours should become one of the main results of implementation of the modules OSC and CPQ. Besides, we significantly optimize our business processes as all services anyway participating in sales process were connected to work on implementation of these modules.
Dmitry Lyutak, the associate director on information technologies of PMH

2017: Replication of Oracle E-Business Suite on all holding

The Industrial Metallurgical Holding (IMH) after implementation of the ERP system of Oracle E-Business Suite at one of the enterprises made the decision on its replication on all holding and implementation of the full-scale corporate solution integrating sales, purchases and resource management of the enterprise. In November, 2017 reported about it in Oracle corporation.[1]

ERP system helped PMH to construct and start in a short time modern metallurgical production — a foundry and rolling complex under construction. The unified information system on the basis of Oracle E-Business Suite provided the optimized business process management and allowed to achieve high transparency in the system of production and financial planning, purchases and accounting of resources of the partner of PMH — the Foundry and rolling complex Tulachermet Steel.

A hybrid system for automation of the main production cluster in Tula will be unrolled in a cloud and on enterprise platforms, supporting its willingness for calls "the Industries 4.0" and promoting digital transformation of PMH.

The concept of the digital enterprise is built within the current IT strategy of holding. Practically all its divisions participate in digitalization. The enterprise sets a task of digitalization of business for optimization of management.

The integrated information system on the basis of business applications of Oracle became for us one more step to creation of the modern company capable to work in difficult market conditions and to save financial stability. In line — the digital business models on the basis of cloud services of Oracle SaaS allowing to expand a range of the provided services. We are sure, automation of our main production cluster in Tula using a hybrid cloud will provide effective support of our development — Dmitry Lyutak, the director of information technology of Industrial metallurgical holding said.

According to the project plan of expansion of the Oracle E-Business Suite system, development and replication the integrated information system will cover practically all areas of business activities of the enterprises of holding, including management of finance, logistics and orders, including supply chains and also continued production, projects, maintenance, the normative reference information.

As of November, 2017, at all PMH enterprises the system of consolidation of the financial and management reporting based on the solutions Oracle Hyperion Financial Management and a single system of purchases and vendor interaction based on Oracle Sourcing and Oracle SLM is already implemented. At a stage of implementation there is a cloud system on the basis of Oracle CX Cloud (including Oracle Sales Cloud and Oracle CPQ). Quickly unrolled cloud solution integrated with Oracle E-Business Suite with access to a system from any place in the world will give the chance to automate sales, to guarantee transparency and control of pricing.

The large-scale project began with implementation of Oracle E-Business Suite. It allowed to implement support of construction management and installation of the arriving equipment, and then to create a management system for the working production. The complete solution gave the chance to manage the main business processes at the metallurgical enterprise.

This stage provided control of terms and the budget of construction of the plant, transparency of processes of construction, helped to optimize contractor interaction and suppliers, to prepare the regulatory base for future operation of the plant and also to create a system prototype for further implementation in group.

The project of expansion of a system on the enterprises of holding covers a full stroke — from sales planning and production before management of finance and performance appraisal.

IT vision of PMH assumes integration of all processes within the enterprises of holding. All data on operational processes, their efficiency, quality management and operational planning are available in real time. Integration covers also suppliers, consumers and key partners. PMH selected and unrolls a cloud management system for relationship with buyers — Oracle Sales Cloud, entering the Oracle CX Cloud portfolio and electronic marketplace on the basis of Oracle SLM.

Project terms: From May to November, 2017