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Infinitum upgraded an electronic document management system

Customers: Infinitum Specialized depositary

Moscow; Financial services, investments and audit

Contractors: CMD-Soft

Project date: 2018/11  - 2019/04

In 2018 in INFINITUM the decision on complete upgrade of an electronic document management system was made. Before the contractor - the effective objective to upgrade a system which should provide a possibility of legally significant exchange of the formalized and unformalized electronic documents at information exchange INFINITUMA with the clients / partners, and also act as the convenient transport system of e-document flow of interaction of any participants among themselves was CMD-Soft company-.

Main advantages of the upgraded EDMS "Foton-INFINITUM" became:

  • The increased efficiency of preparation and document transfer, high speed of work of e-document flow;
  • High speed of operational document handling and issue of reports;
  • The simplified technology of information exchange of partners with INFINITUM;
  • Minimization of errors when entering documents;
  • Existence of printed forms of documents;
  • The increased security and confidentiality;
  • Round-the-clock possibility of sending electronic documents;
  • Existence of the transit scheme;
  • The increased quantity of a share of the formalized documents;
  • Complete compliance to requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation.