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Ingosstrakh selected cloud services of Oracle Exadata Cloud at Customer for deployment of test environments of the solutions

Customers: Ingosstrakh of SPAO

Moscow; Insurance

Contractors: Oracle
Product: Oracle Generation 2 Exadata Cloud at Customer

Project date: 2019/07  - 2020/01

2020: Choice of Oracle Exadata Cloud at Customer

On February 11, 2020 Oracle reported that SPAO "Ingosstrakh" selected cloud services of Oracle Exadata Cloud at Customer for development and fast deployment of test environments of the solutions implemented on the Oracle platform. The main information system and 95% of business processes of the insurer are supported by Oracle DBMS that defined the choice of the company. The created fast-available infrastructure will allow Ingosstrakh to start quickly the innovation projects and as result to reduce the price and accelerate an output of products to the market.

Cloud services of Oracle Exadata Cloud at Customer enter a portfolio of Oracle Cloud at Customer services ("A cloud of Oracle at the client") which allow the organizations to get all advantages of a public cloud of Oracle in the data centers. The solution selected by Ingosstrakh combines DBMS and the powerful platform of Oracle databases Exadata with simplicity, efficiency and flexibility of deployment in a cloud environment. The Exadata Cloud at Customer service is identical to a cloud service of Oracle Exadata Cloud Service, but is placed in data center of the insurer in the protected environment. At the same time federal laws of the Russian Federation on personal data processing and strict internal requirements of Ingosstrakh in information security field are executed.

Ingosstrakh consistently implements the strategy of digitalization and implements advanced technologies of customer service. The insurance company of Russia systemically works on improvement of customer services that they were easy and convenient to use. Many implemented products are front lines not only for domestic, but also for world insurance market, for example, service of proprietary insurance of individuals, a comprehensive insurance with inspection of the car and settlement of losses through mobile application of IngoMobile.

The flexible, scalable, reliable and economic platform is necessary for clients of the appearing services for the operational offer to Ingosstrakh. Fast-available infrastructure on the basis of Oracle Exadata Cloud at Customer will allow to select quickly for each project own test PaaS-environment, to guarantee its reliable, failsafe functioning and to provide high performance for the supported loadings. Besides, transition to cloud model allows to refuse the expensive hardware systems so far used in the company.

The hardware and software system Oracle Exadata is optimized for performance improvement of Oracle DBMS. Cloud services of Oracle Exadata Cloud at Customer will provide seamless integration with the available applications and the systems of Ingosstrakh, the best performance of solutions on Oracle DBMS and simple transition to a cloud environment and back that corresponds to plans of the company for implementation of hybrid cloud strategy.

In insurance business constantly there are changes, every week we release big releases of our systems therefore software development, an opportunity to quickly increase a pool of resources, effectively and to manage quickly test environments have for us critical value. And the level of our trust to technologies of Oracle and Oracle Cloud is very high. Oracle Exadata Cloud at Customer services will allow us to conform to requirements of a digital era, to accelerate development of offers for clients, to strengthen market positions and image of the advanced insurer,
speaks Alexey Klepikov, the vice president for information technologies of Ingosstrakh company

More and more companies from all sectors of the market to the different countries trust the workloads to Oracle Cloud, and progressive heads make the decision on transition to a cloud. The insurer changes the business so that fully to answer calls which face the domestic companies. Oracle Exadata at Customer services completely correspond to the strategy of Ingosstrakh,
emphasized Natalia Korkhonen, the vice president of Oracle for business development in the countries of Central, Eastern Europe, Russia and the CIS