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Inline Technologies upgraded IT infrastructure of Research Center Stroitelstvo

Customers: Construction (Research Center) research center

Moscow region; Construction and industry of construction materials

Product: Projects of creation of complex IT infrastructure

Project date: 2019/02  - 2019/07

2019: Upgrade of IT infrastructure

On August 13, 2019 the INLINE Technologies company reported that it completed the project on upgrade IT infrastrukturynits Construction.

Creation in research center of the highly productive, horizontally scalable, protected local computer network (LCN) and increase in power of a data processing center became result of the performed works.

The urgency of upgrade of IT infrastructure was dictated by the fact that the network built on the obsolete equipment did not meet the requirements for reliability and performance any more. And as a result – its opportunities ceased to correspond to requirements of the research institutes entering into Research Center Stroitelstvo and did not allow to start implementation of the plan for development of informatization including including implementation of the systems of the normative reference information, document flow, electronic archives.

INLINE Technologies should conduct first of all examination and inventory of IT infrastructure taking into account wear of the equipment and tasks which are carried out by its elements. Then – to replace an obsolete equipment on important sectors of network: a core, distribution level, the access level – and to pass migration on more modern solution with the minimum influence on users. Besides, it was necessary to protect a local computer network from unauthorized access and hacker attacks and also to create the platform for transfer of information services of the customer in virtual environment.

The created Research Center Stroitelstvo network is executed using telecommunication the equipment Extreme Networks and protected using a cluster firewalls Fortinet. Communication channels from all body of the Center come down to its core, and computing powers, including DPC are connected. Upgrade of computing resources is carried out with use a blade -servers Lenovo and the Russian DWH Aerodisk. For ensuring fault tolerance of a server framework the platform is organized virtualizations based on VMware.

For August, 2019 to implemented by a LAN the most part of employees of Research Center Stroitelstvo is connected.