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Kavminsteklo automates updating 1C with 1C-IzhTC service

Customers: Kavminsteklo

Chemical industry

Contractors: 1C-IzhTC
Product: 1C: The automated updating reconfigured

Project date: 2019/10  - 2020/04

2020: Updating 1C automation

JSC Kavminsteklo automates updating 1C. On May 21, 220 the 1C-IzhTC company reported about it.

Transition to service of the automated updating reconfigured allowed the company to cut by half terms of updating and by 5 times to lower finance costs.

At the enterprise the non-standard configuration "is used by 1C: Management of repair shop 1.3" which periodically is improved under requirements of internal control.

Process of updating was carried out without use of the automation equipment and took about one and a half weeks. The company decided to transfer this task to outsourcing and to address service of the automated updating of non-standard configurations 1C from 1C-IzhTC.

For us it was important to receive fast and qualitative result for reasonable price,