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Softline implemented industrial wi-fi for automation of the warehouses "Keramamarazzi"

Customers: Kerama Marazzi

Contractors: Softline
Product: SCS projects and wireless network infrastructure

Project date: 2018/02  - 2019/05


On May 14, 2019 the company Softline reported that it implemented industrial Wi-Fi in KeramaMarazzi within the project on automation of warehouse. The solution of the company Cisco which allowed to consider difficult climatic conditions of warehouse became a basis of a system. In a project deliverable the customer received the stable seamless covering necessary for large-scale digital transformation of business.

According to the company, the project of automation of a system of inventory accounting KeramaMarazzi was initiated at the beginning of 2018: the large volume of the stored products and scales of warehouse at handwork, required huge temporary and human resources by search, collecting of orders and shipment of goods. Besides, the human factor could lead to serious idle times of business processes. Digital transformation of business in the field of warehousing by this moment developed from simple requirement into need for the customer. The decision until the end of 2018 to automate the largest warehouse and KeramaMarazzi industrial complex which is located in Oryol was made. It was for this purpose necessary to carry out complex system implementation of WMS on the platform of the customer.

For effective system operation the client needed creation of the local information network connecting terminals for reading of barcodes with the system of an inventory control of 1C. Specialists of Softli nepredlozhili to the customer to unroll a wireless network based on the equipment of Cisco company. This solution is one of the stablest and functional in the market. Its advantage – a possibility of use on the big open spaces and in all-weather conditions.

The warehouse complex in which Softline implemented a wireless system has the total area of 88 thousand sq.m and consists of three platforms deleted from each other. Taking into account difficult climatic conditions in premises – lack of heating in the winter and high temperatures in daylight saving time – are selected external all-weather access points with an expanded operating temperature range. At the same time it was decided to install mainly on a surface of walls of the building. The basis of the project was formed by access points of Cisco 1562D which are ideal for a covering of large territories. The network works in the range of 2.4 GHz and has different algorithms of self-adjustment depending on a radio environment on an object.

For the purpose of budget optimization we carried out radio inspection of the territory, having measured a signal from points on site in the empirical way. It allowed to optimize almost for 30% the specification received in the mathematical way, having reduced number of access points from 110 to 78. Besides application of access points with directional antennas allowed to reduce density of placement of devices of transmitting and receiving and to resolve the technical issues connected with a limited number of the Wi-fi channels working in the range of 2.4 GHz. So we managed to receive the necessary level of availability of service without loss of communication quality. Such solution is acceptable for warehouses with a low density of subscribers and the extensive territory of a covering.

Mikhail Yudenkov, the manager on sale of solutions in the CFD in Softline company

The project on automation of warehouse complexes is one of key for our company. Thanks to Softline we could implement in a short time and without excess costs: the project team provided continuous installation of equipment and helped to save the budget, having calculated the most effective arrangement of access points. The implementation of access points of Cisco offered by experts of the company was optimal for our complexes – it provides stable communication and comfortable work of employees. Further we are going to implement the similar solution on other platforms of the company.

Andrey Kharin, director of IT of KeramaMarazzi company