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Rostelecom, Tele2 and Kirov Plant completed testing of the solutions IoT for the industry

Customers: Kirov Plant, joint stock company

Kirov; Mechanical engineering and instrument making

Product: Projects based on technologies of Internet of Things (IoT)

Project date: 2019/03  - 2019/08

2019: Testing of the solutions IoT for the industry

On September 10, 2019 the company "Rostelecom" announced end together with mobile operator Tele2 testing of solutions on a basis Internet of Things (Internet of Things, IoT) for the sector "Industry" century St. Petersburg. During testing the service of automatic collecting and information transfer from counters of consumption of heat and water in information system production monitoring "Kirov Plant" using the equipment of domestic suppliers was deployed. Testing took place within strategic cooperation of Rostelecom and Kirov Plant including including joint work over drafts of the national program "Digital economy".

Rostelecom, Tele2 and Kirov Plant completed testing of the solutions IoT for the industry

The test data network was unrolled based on infrastructure of Tele2 mobile operator using technical solutions of Ericsson. Modems with the built-in SIM cards of Rostelecom were used to data transmission. In a pilot zone the NB-IoT technology which provides connection of a large number of IoT-devices through one base station was used, guaranteeing long battery life due to energy consumption optimization. One more NB-IoT property distinguishing it from other technologies of wireless data transmission is capability of deep penetration of a signal. NB-IoT can easily "bypass" steel concrete and metal overlappings, liquidating the effects of "shadowing" inherent to traditional signals (including ZigBee and Wi-Fi), noted in Rostelecom.

Testing confirmed a possibility of cost-efficient connection of the measuring sensors working through a radio access in the licensed ranges; allowed to understand requirements to the different IoT-solutions elements and parameters of their work for ensuring high-quality and reliable service in the conditions of heterogeneous industrial infrastructure, abounding various "radio interferences and targeting".

Results of tests proved efficiency of automation of transfer of indications: industrial enterprises will be able to gain positive economic effect, basing the management systems for production processes on the effective high-speed NB-IoT protocol.

During joint work the most effective methods of solution deployment on the existing infrastructure of Rostelecom and Tele2 and also optimization of production processes and procedures of monitoring were defined. It is especially important for all enterprises, developers and engineering collectives which are engaged in development of digital platforms and software products for the purpose of creation and (or) development of production of hi-tech products.

The tested control system of industrial business processes provides hardware-software data collection from the measuring devices installed on heattrunks and water pipes and also transfer of these data on mobile networks in an information system of the customer which displays necessary data in the automated workplace of the user.

In plans of Rostelecom and Kirov Plant — not only installation of smart sensors for the benefit of the plant, but also development of a joint product for industrial enterprises of the Russian Federation.

As noted in Rostelecom, tested are a successful step in achievement of a main goal of the state program "Development of the industry and increase in its competitiveness": creation in the Russian Federation the competitive, steady, structurally balanced industry capable to effective self-development on the basis of the integration into the world technology environment, developments and use of the advanced industrial technologies providing performance improvement of work, aimed at formation and mastering of the new markets of the innovation products which are effectively solving problems of ensuring economic development of the country.

"Tele2 activated NB-IoT in the territory of Kirov Plant within already existing LTE network. Such deployments can be made quickly and in any region of presence of LTE in the Russian Federation. Digital technologies are very necessary to our industry. Because only as a result of their implementation the spasmodic growth of quality of domestic production and implementation of innovations is possible",

"We are glad to cooperation with Rostelecom within this project which implements new business scenarios using opportunities of Internet of Things in the industry. Our company represents diversified holding which development without the innovative solutions would be impossible. We already implemented wireless monitoring of a production equipment, we will implement monitoring of the non-productive equipment and geographically distributed objects",

'Mikhail Postavnin, the development director of Kirov Plant noted'

"According to the expert researches IDC, the industry — the most "fertile" sector of economy for implementation of industrial Internet of Things. Because exactly here IIoT technologies allow to gain fast and reasonable, specific effect. The strategy of IIoT accepted in Rostelecom focuses efforts including on the industry. Openness to innovations and capability to combine efforts with partners from different areas and also own infrastructure of transfer and storage of data allow Rostelecom to offer the market the innovation, the proved, reliable solutions",

'Dmitry Slinkov, the director of the industrial Internet of Rostelecom noted'