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"KNAUF" automated work of supervisors "in fields"

Customers: Knaufinsulation

Construction and industry of construction materials

Product: Optimum Supervisor
На базе: CDC: Optimum Technology platform
Second product: GIS optimum

Project date: 2019/03  - 2019/08

2019: Automation of work of supervisors "in fields"

On September 9, 2019 company CDC reported that "KNAUF Insuleyshn" (Knauf Insulation), the Russian division of the international KNAUF group, continues to implement IT solutions of automation of mobile trade based on a software technology platform of OPTIMUM.

In the summer of 2019 the KNAUF Insuleyshn company continued to transform business processes of mobile trade to digit, having automated work of supervisors "in fields". The mobile solution Optimum Supervisor integrated with the automation system of mobile trade the Optimum expands possibilities of the head of a team of sales representatives, providing control and training of employees directly in the territory, and, if necessary, giving an opportunity of collecting of orders and merchandising. Control of location and movement of supervisors provides the module of satellite monitoring GIS Optimum which is also integrated into the Optimum system.