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In the Latvian railroads trial operation of a system of calculation for freight transportation started

Customers: Latvian railroad (Latvijas Dzelzcel š) LDz

Threshing barn; Transport

Product: Intellex Transportation Management

Project date: 2019/04  - 2019/10

2019: Start of trial operation of a system of calculation for freight transportation

On November 6, 2019 it became known that the Companies IntelLex KleinTech Services were developed for Latvian railroads (Latvijas dzelzcel š, LDz) the information system "C-KNIS". A system automates all basic technology processes in freight yard and allows to make out freight transportation in electronic form. The main types of electronic documents, such as are implemented: Delivery note, Sheet of giving/cleaning, Accumulative card, Instruction of the acceptance inspector, Acts of the general form, Order on import/export of a container.

The rules of calculation of a carrying payment introduced in a system allow to rate automatically electronic documents on the LDZ CARGO-01 and KTT rates and also on contractual rates.

The project team from INTELLEX did important work — are developed: 91 modules (43 document types), 64 automatic background jobs, 54 types of report forms, 18 types of rules of calculation of cost of services.

According to requirements of technical specifications, the C-KNIS system is implemented in the form of the web application with support of multilingualism. Users can work with C-KNIS in two languages: Latvian and Russian.

On April 2, 2019 at test start in C-KNIS at the station Riga-Prechu the first way bill on arrival of a load from Russia was entered into Latvia. And in June, 2019 connection at other stations LDz is begun.

For November, 2019 C-KNIS works in the mode of trial operation. As of the beginning of November, 2019 in a system payment under more than 25 thousand documents was carried out. The main functionality of C-KNIS is used on all 15 terminals, in a system documents on all stations LDz are calculated, the number of the clients processed in C-KNIS constantly increases.

C-KNIS is developed by N to the ITM platform (Intellex Transportation Management). Other technology - XM was applied to acceleration of system development qualitatively. The technology allows to accelerate creation of the functional mode to 3 times in comparison with a traditional development approach in the environment of Web and also to quickly make changes upon the demand of the customer. Exactly thanks to it it was possible less than in two years to develop and start a system with huge functionality[1].