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Corus Consulting began system implementation of marking of shoe products for Levi Strauss

Customers: Levi Strauss Moscow

Moscow; Trade

Contractors: Corus Consulting
Product: 1C:Enterprise 8.3

Project date: 2019/10  - 2020/03

2019: Start of implementation of marking of shoe products

On October 30, 2019 Corus Consulting Group announced start of the project on implementation of processes of marking of shoe products on the 1C Platform in Levi Strauss Moscow company. Designing essentially of other business processes will happen based on the IT systems operating in the company. The works should be completed by March 1, 2020 – before entry into force of statutory requirements to this type of goods.

Levi Strauss Moscow is the official representative of Levi Strauss&Co company in Russia, is responsible for the organization of sales and distribution of the Levi's brand and also for implementation of global marketing strategies in our country. The company manages network for November, 2019 consisting of 80 retail stores.

According to requirements to marking of products, since July 1, 2019 in Russia registration of participants of turnover of shoe goods began, and since October 1 they already got access to devices of registration of issue of codes of marking that allows them to transfer data to the state monitoring system.

According to the operator of the project of the Center of Development of Perspective Technologies (CDPT), for the first 10 days after start of a voluntary stage of marking of footwear participants of turnover received more than 9.5 million digital codes. Besides, more than 5 thousand retail companies got access to the registrar of issue for obtaining the Data Matrix codes via a secure channel of communication.

During the project specialists of CORUS Consulting Group will design and automate all business processes of the company: from the order of goods at the supplier before his delivery to the end consumer. Software updating in sales points and ensuring implementation of necessary requirements of the legislation for leaving of the marked shoe products is also planned.

At work planning it was decided to create business processes based on those IT systems which the Russian division of Levi Strauss already uses. Integration of the Levi Strauss system with information infrastructure of TsRPT and GS1 RUS (association of automatic identification "YuNISKAN/GS1 RUS") is provided. Also workflow automation between Levi Strauss Moscow and the supplier – Levi Strauss Footwear&Accessories is carried out.

One of features of our cooperation with Levi Strauss is application of Agile-methodology. The project is very flexible as after its start terms of marking, the requirement of the legislation, a project frame changed. We work on the system of weekly control of tasks and plans that allows to achieve that result and in that time which is required,


Marking of footwear will allow us to increase traceability of goods at all stages of its movement from the producer to the end consumer, to protect legal business and our buyers therefore we consider this project very important for our company,


Footwear is not the only type of goods which is subject to obligatory marking upon the demand of the Russian legislation. In the long term – continuation of cooperation on implementation of marking for textile products.