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Onlanta placed IT infrastructure of "Live of Technologies" in a cloud of

Customers: Live of Technology (Live Technologies)

Moscow; Information technologies

Contractors: Onlanta
На базе: Microsoft Dynamiс Data Center

Project date: 2018/10  - 2019/03

2019: Placement of IT infrastructure in service

The company "Onlanta" (enters into group "Lanit") announced on May 14, 2019 that it provided cloud service for placement IT infrastructures the Russian of the company "Live of Technology".

Onlanta supports IT infrastructure of Live of Technology company since 2017 and performs the round-the-clock technical support of a system: maintenance of the equipment and system software, monitoring and data backup.

"Live of Technology" provides cloud solutions based on 1C from The First BIT company. Using Live service it is possible to work in bases 1C from any place in the world. Loading the bases into the protected cloud, clients get data access from any device.

For already three years the Onlanta company renders services in support of IT infrastructure of "Live of Technology". We are glad to the put trust, and are ready to reach the new level of relationship, having provided the safe and protected cloud of for data storage of our partner — Kirill Dianov, the deputy manager of the direction on work with partners of Onlanta company said.

Smooth operation of a cloud service of 1C of "Live" is critical for business of our company and our clients therefore professionalism and reputation of technical specialists who are engaged in support of a system is especially important for us — said Ksenia Podzerko, the CEO of Live of Technology company.