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Makfa created a management system for the reference book of the purchased goods based on B2B-Center service

Customers: Makfa

Chelyabinsk; Food industry

Product: B2B-Center: Management system for the corporate reference book of NSI

Project date: 2019/06  - 2019/11

2019: Control automation by the normative reference information

On December 2, 2019 the B2B-Center reported that the Makfa company implemented a cloud service of B2B-Center for management of the reference book of the purchased goods from 6000 positions.

"MAKFA" uses the reference book for carrying out purchases, category management of goods and warehouse stocks.

With the help of My Reference Book NSI service the company automated management of the normative reference information. At the same time service became uniform input channel of positions. He allows to add to the reference book and to automatically check quality of data and also to create sets of goods for carrying out purchases. Also the staff of Makfa company by means of the built-in instruments of service structured the existing data, cleaned them from errors and duplicates.

We configured integration of My Reference Book NSI service with the ERP system of the customer. This convenient solution: the staff of purchasing division works in our interface, and all information in a correct format is automatically transferred to 1C,
told Andrey Boyko, the commercial director of B2B-Center

The flexibility of a cloud solution for management of NSI allowed to customize a system so that she met requirements of business processes of the company. At the same time automatic data validation during creation of positions minimizes an error probability because of a human factor that helps to optimize purchases and warehouse stocks.