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In Media Business Solyushens the project on creation of Single window based on the complex Naumen Service Desk platform came to the end

Customers: Media of Business Solyushens

Product: Naumen Service Desk

Project date: 2018/02  - 2019/05


On May 14, 2019 the Naumen company reported that in service company "Media Business Solyushens" the project on creation of service "Single window" based on the complex Naumen Service Desk platform came to the end.

According to the company, the automated system allows to manage a considerable part of processes of a back office on a centralized basis. It will increase transparency and quality of provision of services to more than 4600 employees of assets in structure of "National Media group".

The service "Single window" based on Naumen Service Desk allowed MBS to centralize management of key services and to create the base for increase in their quality.

The platform integrates services in the whole range of the directions: administrative and legal support, accounting, HR, treasury, IT and others. Thanks to end-to-end digitalization it was succeeded to increase transparency and controllability of services and also to considerably reduce the term of reaction to addresses.

Since launch of service "Single window" there passed not enough time. We began acceptance of addresses based on the NAUMEN system in January, 2019, and for May, 2019 we service already 17 companies clients. We still should make a lot of things, but the first results impress. Responses of staff of the serviced companies speak for themselves – work with service divisions became much more transparent, it is more clear, more convenient also than more predictable.

Marina Kukharenko, head of department of business process management of Media Business Solyushens

Within the project it was necessary to implement not only standard transaction services, but also to connect the centers of examination to the Single window platform, to work out SLA (Service Level Agreement is the agreement with customers on service parameters) with each functional division and to implement difficult mechanisms of routing and processing of customer appeals depending on a set of parameters.

The uniform project team of Naumen Service Desk and Media Business Solyushens carried out all pool of works to a short time: in only one and a half months a system was completely implemented, configured taking into account specifics of business of MBS and successfully brought into operation. In service "Single window" for May, 2019 more than 100 specialists of internal services of the General Service Center (GSC) who using a system quickly process incoming requisitions work and increase quality of provision of services.

One of the important tasks implemented within the project – creation of the multilevel directory of services in all activities of Media Business Solyushens. The directory includes 17 groups of the services containing the 135th services which are classified by 468 types of typical requests of users together with a card of the agreement with each company client. The list of services contains both standard transaction services, and non-standard consulting services of expert centers. Besides, instruments of control of terms and quality of rendering services are implemented.

The customizability of NAUMEN Service Desk allows us easily and to quickly make changes without additional costs on programming that is very profitable to business. We can independently administer the directory of services, including make changes to application logic regarding processing of requests, rules of determination of SLA and purpose of responsible.

Stanislav Grushchenko, director of the department of information technologies of Media Business Solyushens

"Single window" is integrated with a 1C system: ZUP that allows to synchronize data of an organization structure of holding. Credentials more than 4600 employees are imported to the Naumen Service Desk system. Each user has now an access to personal account (self-service portal) and an opportunity to register requests independently. Also taking into account needs of the customer specialists of NAUMEN developed a simple web form through which it is possible to transfer requests without authorization in a system. Thus, users can address to OTsO via different channels: self-service portal, e-mail, web form, mobile application.

"Single window" – a dynamic system which will develop and flexibly to adapt to requests of business and customers of services MBS. In the long term service will be able to process not only rather simple requests, but also to help to solve complex multi-stage business challenges. Individual routes of requests will be developed for each such task. The system of connection of different services at each stage of a route of passing of the request will be built further. Also transfer of CMDB for IT processes of other automation system is planned.