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MTS optimized production process at the Mikron plant using technologies on the basis of Big Data

Customers: Mikron

Moscow; Electrical equipment and microelectronics

Product: Projects of IT outsourcing

Project date: 2019/10  - 2020/04

2020: Production process optimization

On May 21, 2020 reported to MTS that on the basis of data analysis increased efficiency of calibration starts at the Mikron plant, the large producer of microelectronics in Russia. It allowed to lower time of technology setup of the equipment by 30%.

Calibration process on Micron is a test start of a system at the beginning of the working day or upon transition to production of the microprocessor of other type. It allows to avoid failures and to guarantee product quality. If test start took place unsuccessfully, technologists had to perform complete restart of process, including to merge the expensive acids which are used in production of microprocessors and to reset settings of the equipment.

MTS analyzed data on work of installations in a year and influence of different components on system operation. The company defined the element having negative effect on indicators and worked optimal scenarios of tests. As a result technologists of Micron during qualification tests do not need to reset setting of the equipment now and to merge all chemicals: in 92% of cases it is enough to replace a specific reactant to come to necessary parameters.

In microelectronic production high extent of automation, is data arrays for analytics. Our technical process consists of hundreds of repeating transactions, the sequence is strictly regulated and is followed by constant control of quality. At the same time each calibration of a system costs quite much as tens of elite chemical components are used, and at the slightest deviation from the set parameters the equipment is restarted, reactants merge, and setup begins again. The analytics of data allows to define with a high accuracy what of components worked incorrectly, to minimize risks and to save time of setup of the equipment,
reported the deputy CEO for production of PJSC Mikron Sergey Ranchin.

In 2019 MTS selected in separate structure the Center of industrial automation which proposes to the enterprises individual projects and ready-made complete solutions on digitalization of production processes. The international experience shows that it can be demanded not only on high technology productions of the sector of microelectronics, but also in the oil-processing, ore mining, metallurgical, chemical, food industry and in other industries. One of perspective scopes of digital solutions for increase in production efficiency – work with Big Data. Large enterprises have huge data arrays, MTS – competences in the field of their analysis, predictive analytics and Internet of Things. It allows us to find different scenarios of use of data at the enterprise that as a result allows to optimize production processes,


The project is implemented together with AlgoMost, the company of the Russian market of analytics of data.