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The concept of creation in Russia of the platform of digital agriculture is developed

Customers: Ministry of Agriculture (Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation)

Moscow; Government and social institutions

Contractors: LANIT-Integration
Product: Projects of IT outsourcing

Project date: 2019/07  - 2020/01


2020: Development of the concept of the national platform "Digital Agriculture"

LANIT-Integration developed the concept of the national platform "Digital Agriculture". Said it in Lanit on February 12, 2020.

The platform is created according to the departmental project of the Ministry of Agriculture of the same name - "Digital agriculture". At the same time the Ministry of Agriculture also itself is responsible also for development of a core of the platform. As it appears from information of the tender of the Ministry of Agriculture on the official site of state procurements, the ministry carried out tender on development of the concept from September to October 2019 [1] Cost of creation of the concept was 50 million rubles. However the ministry signed the contract about Lanit for more than twice smaller amount – 22.9 million rubles.

Took the second place based on the tender for creation of the concept Lomonosov Moscow State University. In addition to it, three more organizations also participated in tender- Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation ""High technologies and strategic systems" scientific industrial company "Management systems".

The time in which Lanit should was develop the concept, according to information of the tender, there was a period from October 25 to December 31, 2019.

It was not succeeded to study the text of the concept of TAdviser as in the Ministry of Agriculture and Lanit the document to the edition was not provided, without having explained what it is connected with and when the document appears in open access.

The platform will include more than 50 services necessary for management of the industry told in Lanit.
The platform will include more than 50 services necessary for management of the industry told in Lanit.

According to representatives Lanit, the concept assumes that the platform will include six subplatforms providing digitalization of the following fields of agriculture:

  • land use and land management;
  • traceability of products;
  • agrometeoforecasting;
  • collecting of industry data;
  • information support and provision of services;
  • storages and distribution of information materials.

Having referred to the text of the concept, the chief executive of the center of strategic development and digital transformation LANIT-Integration Pavel Svarnik reported to TAdviser that the platform is required to be created in 2020-2024.

It is going to develop the platform on stages during which separate services of subplatforms will be projected, be developed and be brought into operation. Creation of groups of services and subplatforms is supposed within implementation of 11 trunk initiatives, - Pavel Svarnik told TAdviser.

About what will be represented by these trunk initiatives it did not provide information of TAdviser.

Structure of actions and also specific requirements to their results, will be will be defined by the customer separately in each case, but with the concept of the platform, - Pavel Svarnik informed TAdviser.

The platform as told in Lanit, will include more than 50 services necessary for management of the industry. Pavel Svarnik gave TAdviser as examples of services of the platform two of them – solving problems of multiple-factor monitoring and modeling of development of diseases of crops and performing agrometeoforecasting function.

Services of the platform as noticed in Lanit, will be state and private. The last are meant as those which will get under management of the non-state organizations. In that case the operator, according to Pavel Svarnik, providing the industries popular services, will provide a certain quality level of services.

From the federal budget only services which are directed to the solution of national objectives of accounting, control and regulation in the industries will be financed. Whether those from them which will be under control of the non-state organizations will receive public financing, he did not tell TAdviser, having noted that formats of financing and management of the platform still should be created. Also, according to Svarnik, in case of the platform not its total cost will be calculated, and to be defined the price of creation of certain subplatforms and services.

Speaking about a large number of services of the platform, Pavel Svarnik told TAdviser that subplatforms will have the different number of services of varying complexity, and one of them will have "only one service".

Services of the platform will be aimed, first of all, at satisfaction of relevant requests of representatives of different segments of agriculture therefore there will be a lot of them, - Pavel Svarnik noted.

Useful, first of all, services of the platform will become for agricultural producers, are sure in Lanit. In particular, they will allow operators to provide services in all territory of Russia. At the same time, Pavel Svarnik explained TAdviser that that service of the platform which owing to the rendered services has a geographical binding - for example departure of crew in the field - will not be able to be implemented at the same time by one supplier through the whole country.

But the services connected with processing and data analysis will be able to be provided far off for users of different regions. As the example can act the analysis of type of a disease of a crop performed on the basis of data of photographing here - Pavel Svarnik informed TAdviser.

Accounting by the document of data as one of key assets of the industry and its orientation to use of the modern principles of their collecting and processing was one of requirements of the ministry to creation of the concept as the director of the department of digital development and management of the state information resources of agro-industrial complex of the Ministry of Agriculture Alexander Arkhipov reported TAdviser.

Such approach will allow us to progress in implementation of the concept quickly, - Alexander Arkhipov explained.

Interaction of participants of agro-industrial complex electronically which the platform means by calculations Lanit, will allow to lay the foundation for new approaches to housekeeping. For example - exact agriculture and forecasting of productivity of cultures. In turn, the data aggregated by the platform will be able to increase transparency and predictability of processes for market participants and also to reduce risks of the financial institutions implementing issue of means of target industry programs.

Implementation of the platform will allow the state to reach the new level of control of the industry, to receive more flexible management system based on complete reliable and up-to-date data, - the managing director of LANIT-Integration company Murat Marshankulov emphasized.

At the same time, information collected by services of the platform, according to him, will be demanded also by the organizations of allied industries: suppliers of means of production and material resources, banks and insurance companies, buyers of agricultural products, logistic companies. Moreover, are sure of Lanit that the platform will become a basis for creation of the whole ecosystem of additional services and services for agro-industrial complex.

2018: Development of the departmental project "Digital Agriculture"

The Ministry of Agriculture developed the departmental project "Digital Agriculture" which is going to be implemented completely during the period from 2019 to 2024. The secretary of state – the Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation Ivan Lebedev during the enlarged meeting of scientific expert advice of the State Duma Committee on agrarian [2] said on October 17, 2018 [3] it[4]

According to Ivan Lebedev, the project budget will make 304 billion rubles. Other 152 billion rubles - from non-budgetary sources, namely, from agro- and IT-Business are going to receive a half of these means from the state as an additional subsidy.

As it appears from the text of the project available on the website of the Ministry of Agriculture, the ministry understands the agriculture which is based on modern methods of production of agricultural products and food using the digital technologies (Internet of Things, robotics, artificial intelligence, the analysis of Big Data, e-commerce, etc.) providing an increase in labor productivity and cost reduction of production as digital agriculture.

Project objective is digital transformation of agriculture due to implementation of digital technologies and platform solutions for ensuring technology break in agro-industrial complex and achievements of increase in productivity at the "digital" agricultural enterprises twice by 2024.

The project provides carrying out a complex of actions for implementation of digital technologies and platform solutions in agro-industrial complex. Within it the Ministry of Agriculture is going to implement to create and develop a number of software products, namely:

  • national platform of digital public administration by agriculture "Digital agriculture";

This platform, as noted in the project, will represent the digital platform integrated with digital subplatforms. It will be intended for management of agriculture at the regional and municipal levels.

Among the platform purposes - providing to an opportunity identification and the analysis of the point problems and conditions constraining development of digital technologies in agro-industrial complex of regions of Russia and also determination of the main and most perspective digital technologies for an agricultural producer.

Other purpose of the platform consists in accumulation of data of federal executive authorities on the agricultural land for their subsequent accounting, monitoring and analytics.

In the project is also declared that the Digital Agriculture platform will allow to construct work and will provide the system of an information access about the partner that, in turn, will give the chance quickly to carry out an inspection of the enterprises at the solution of serious questions, such as financing of the organizations and also their crediting and insurance. Besides, the platform will make possible remote control of quantity of the received product, its quality, processing process, movement and others transactions.

  • module "Agroresheniya";

This module will be the subplatform of the national platform "Digital Agriculture" intended for increase in efficiency of activity of agricultural producers. Among problems of the subplatform there is an achievement of the following indicators:

  • performance improvement of work at the agricultural enterprises twice counting on one worker;

  • reduction of specific costs of the enterprises for administration of business by 1.5 times;

  • decrease in a share of material costs in the unit cost of agricultural products (fuel and lubricants, fertilizers, the electric power, landing material, a stern, etc.) for 20% and more.

Also the project provides creation of the industry electronic educational environment "Earth of Knowledge" for distance learning of specialists of the agricultural enterprises.

In total these services will accumulate all array of information on production processes in the field of agriculture, since the smallest parts of production and finishing with solutions of global questions of all agricultural sector. It will bring agriculture to the new level of development and

will allow to make technology break in HSC, said in the project.


In addition to creation of software products, in the project progress the Ministry of Agriculture is going to train specialists of the agricultural enterprises, having created at them competences in digital economy.

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