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Tele2 provided the Moscow authorities with communication of LTE-450

Customers: Moscow Department of Information Technology (DIT)

Moscow; Government and social institutions

Product: Services of telephony and communication

Project date: 2019/05  - 2019/10

2019: Provision of services of communication of LTE-450

On November 7, 2019 Tele2 reported that it provides communication services in the LTE standard at a frequency of 450 MHz to executive authorities of the city of Moscow and their subordinated organizations. Features of the standard allow to provide to special consumers priority access to Tele2 networks.

Within cooperation with the department of information technologies (DIT) of Moscow Tele2 equipped exchange service stations for an operative order radio communication with SIM cards. Service on LTE-450 networks (Skylink brand) allows to provide data transmission on maximum speed and a stable voice communication in peak busy hours. Tele2 undertook all works on setup of the equipment and user training. The company also provides services in the organization of the automated jobs of the manager.

Within the Digital Economy of Russia program the task to create by the end of 2021 LTE-450 network for needs of special consumers is set.

In four years of work in Moscow Tele2 repeatedly promoted initiatives of the government of development of a modern system of communication in the urban environment. So, thanks to development of LTE-450 we managed to create base of the hi-tech projects directed to creation of safe and reliable infrastructure in the capital region. Work based on LTE-450 standard allows to provide the high-speed Internet where earlier it was impossible. We are going to develop further LTE-450, guaranteeing to customers uninterrupted communication even at peak loads,
told Anton Kondratov, the commercial director of the macroregion Moscow of Tele2