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CST participates in development of a virtual assistant for passengers of Moscow Metro

Customers: Moscow Metro

Moscow; Transport

Product: CST: ChatNavigator

Project date: 2019/12  - 2020/11

2020: Development of the chat-bot

CST group (enters an ecosystem of Sberbank) participates in development of the intellectual chat-bot for automation of answers to addresses of passengers of Moscow Metro. On July 31, 2020 reported about it in CST group.

The chat-bot will earn in the fall of 2020 from the website, in mobile application of Subway of Moscow, in messengers and also in the account "Mosmetro" in one of social networks.

The command of CST creates the chat-bot based on own product ChatNavigatorthe omnichannel dialogue platform for creation of intellectual virtual assistants.

During the period from March to June, 2020 the group of CST implemented in the chat-bot dialogue scenarios more than on 7500 questions.

During operation dialogs of a bot with users will be analyzed, and "intelligence" of the chat-bot — to develop. For development of a bot and more exact understanding of sense of requests technologies of hybrid classification will be used: combination of rules and machine learning. Additional subjects will be created and to be replenished existing.

In the long term the chat-bot will be able to give the reference information about operating time of stations, changes, transitions, at the same time not only the subway, but also MTsK, MTsD, the intercepting parkings. The chat-bot will help not only to order maintenance of employees CEMP (Center of Ensuring Mobility of Passengers), but also to automate starting requests and replies of service, to find the lost things. Besides — the bot will be able to support informal dialog.

The group of CST developed in the chat-bot the universal connector (API) which without the assistance of the operator allows to communicate with passengers in different channels, at the same time the basic scenario of communication remains identical to all channels of the address, but for each of them the specifics of communication are considered.

Dmitry Dyrmovsky, CEO of CST group:

Feature of the project — placement of all components of the chat-bot and platform in a cloud: it is one of completely cloud solutions for the first time presented at the market. Optimization of work of transport infrastructure using modern artificial intelligence technologies and machine learning — a world trend. And the chat-bot from group of CST — the tool which allows to correspond to this trend.

Press service of Moscow Metro:

The rhythm of life obliges us to be fast and clear in communication with passengers. It is important to them to receive timely the complete answer to any of the questions arising including on a trip is the comfort indicator too. Integration of developments in the field of artificial intelligence and start of the chat-bot is intended to add the developing infrastructure of the subway and to improve approaches to passenger service.