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NORBIT implemented the warehouse management system SAP EWM at the Avgust plant in the city of Vurnary

Customers: Vurnarsky plant of blend medicines (holding Augustus)

Vurnara (Chuvash Republic); Chemical industry

Contractors: NORBIT
Product: SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM)

Project date: 2019/08  - 2020/02

2020: Completion of automation of warehouse processes

On March 25, 2020 the NORBIT company (enters into LANIT group) announced project completion of automation of warehouse processes in the Vurnarsky plant of blend medicines belonging to Avgust company — to one of producers of chemical means of protecting of plants. The system of SAP of EWM(Extended Warehouse Management) will allow to increase performance and capacity of a warehouse, to reduce time of collecting of orders and idle time of personnel.

The main premises of start of the IT project are the separate systems of an inventory control, lack of address storage and marking and also emergence of the problems connected with a human factor.

Using SAP EWM processes of receipt of products on a warehouse, its shipments, internal transfers and control of transactions in a system are automated. A system gives the chance to carry out efficiency evaluation of resources and provides the high accuracy of data. In a system tools for address storage of raw materials and finished goods with ABC-segmentation, inventories and works with discrepancies are configured. The solution allows to observe the principle of FIFO (engl. first in, first out — "the first came — the first left").

The SAP EWM system considers all types of storage in a warehouse of Avgust company: rack, floor, zones of a piking and piece storage, intermediate field regions (acceptance/shipment zone). During the project processes of fixing of arrival and departure of vehicles, trackings of the statuses of vehicles are automated.

Thanks to emergence of this system our company received a uniform picture on all stocks of the plant. Using the SAP EWM tools we are going to carry out monitoring of warehouse resources, accomplishment of tasks and documents in the online mode and also we expect to exclude different data bugs,
told Andrey Generalov, the chief of group of outbound logistics, Avgust company

SAP implementation of EWM helps to make business processes of different level more flexible and effective that increases quality of work of the employees working at a warehouse in logistics and the sales departments,
noted Anton Chekhonin, the CEO of NORBIT