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The mobile RFID readers Chainway consider fixed assets at the Nazarbayev University

Customers: Nazarbaev Universitet

Astana; Science and education

Product: Shenzhen Chainway C-серия of RFID readers

Project date: 2020/03  - 2020/06

2020: System implementation of fixed asset accounting using mobile Chainway C72 computers with UHF RFID technology

On July 29, 2020 OKTRON company announced that the University Nazarbayev uses manual mobile Chainway C72 computers with UHF RFID in a pilot project on system implementation of fixed asset accounting.

A customer from the university is the private institution of "University Service Management". The company "the First BIT became integrator of the solution : Astana". The pilot project on implementation of a RFID system of automatic accounting and control of fixed asset movement was developed in the territory of the body of School of engineering and covered accounting of 3000 units of fixed assets which furniture, the equipment, laboratory devices, the equipment, etc. is among.

Manual mobile Chainway C72 UHF RFID computers are used in the project for carrying out automatic inventory in School premises running the software "Cleverence: Accounting of property", integrated with the ERP system "1C: Manufacturing Enterprise Management 8.3".

Chainway C72 UHF RFID is the protected mobile computer of a corporate class based on operating system Android with a class of protection IP65. Has accumulator tanks 8000 mA hours, built in scanner barcodes with image technology. It is delivered with antennas or with linear R2000 (1.8dBi), or with circular (4.0dBi) polarization. Capability read out RFID of a tag in the conditions of their high density, allows to use C72 in different applications, including fixed asset accounting, in retail, on warehouses and for fleet management , etc. Maintains falling from height of 1.5 meters on a concrete surface, saves working capacity at a temperature from-20 to +50 With, noted in OKTRON company.

"Cleverence: Accounting of property" - a system for automation of accounting of any property in the organizations as using the barcode, and RFID tags. The built-in editor of labels has. It is integrated with special printers of labels and RFID encoders.

"The pilot project was implemented within three months. At the exit we received a hardware and software system based on mobile RFID terminals with good indicators: reading speed from several tens units per second and the range of remote identification is up to 5 meters",

'Vladimir Almazov, the head RFID in The First BIT company noted'