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Based on "Galaktika EAM" for Novatek Murmansk management of production assets and their reliability will be organized

Customers: Novatek Murmansk

Murmansk; Gas industry

Product: Galaktika EAM

Project date: 2019/05  - 2019/10

2019: Prototyping of a management system for production assets based on "Galaxy EAM"

On November 7, 2019 Galaktika Corporation reported that based on a system "Galaktika EAM" the project on control automation by production assets of the Center constructions of large-capacity offshore facilities (TsSKMS) Murmansk of Novatek-" LLC, subsidiary Novatek company PJSC is implemented.

System implementation will allow to provide high efficiency of use of the production and engineering equipment for the cost reduction account of ownership and minimization of idle times.

Main objectives of the project are building of business processes of maintenance and repairs (MRO) for effective planning and control of accomplishment of the repair program. Within the first stage methodologies are developed and simultaneous prototyping of a management system for production assets based on "Galaxy EAM" is executed.

The second stage – implementation of the developed prototype, it is going to implement along with the beginning of operation of TsSKMS that will allow to provide computer-aided planning of scheduled repair work taking into account standards and the existing resources and also distribution of unplanned works on the basis of the analysis of frequency and causes of failures of the equipment. As a result of project implementation strategic and operational management, control and the analysis of works of a MRO will be organized that will provide cutting of costs for maintenance and repair of the equipment with maintenance of necessary level of reliability.

For November 7, 2019 the first stage of works for Novatek Murmansk is completed, the conceptual project of future system, methodology of certification and methodology of maintenance and repair are developed. We understand importance and scale of the project and we implement it with high-quality ensuring works,
comments the board member of Galaktika corporation Anton Malkov