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Implementation of the Knowledge base on the Amber platform for Energosbyt Plus is complete

Customers: Power sale Plus

Moscow region; Power

Product: Hawk House Integration: Amber

Project date: 2019/07  - 2020/01

2020: Completion of development and deployment of the software package "Knowledge base"

On February 10, 2020 "Hawk House Integreyshn", the developer of the automated solutions announced project completion on development and deployment of the software package "Knowledge base" on the AMBER platform for power supply company JSC Energosbyt Plus.

Main objective of the project was creation of a common information space for employees and clients with convenient and quick search of data on content connected to a system.

During the project the following tasks were solved:

  • The structured storage of data integrating internal information sources of the company is created (including contact center, the website, file resources).
  • Business processes of updating of sources by executives in charge within their rights and powers, their ranging and also notifications of users on important changes are configured.
  • Tools for setting and control of tasks are configured.
  • Means of convenient and quick context search taking into account word forms on all content, including contents of the enclosed documents are developed.
  • Internal testing of users for determination of level of their competence is automated.

Alexander Ivlev, the CEO of Hawk House Integreyshn company, considers that at a certain stage of development any company, regardless of a field of activity, is faced the need of effective management of the accumulated knowledge. The knowledge base is the tool allowing to minimize time for the solution of standard tasks, to optimize internal processes, to save past experience to quickly adapt the accepted personnel. Management of the knowledge base – the continuous process including updating of content, training and testing of users, connection of additional information sources.

The management of JSC Energosbyt Plus estimated efforts of the Hawk House Integreyshn group:

All works were performed strictly on the diagram taking into account our wishes. The result of implementation of this implementation allowed us to group our all information resources and to consolidate data in a single system with a user-friendly interface. We plan the solution of other tasks and would like to continue cooperation with this company,