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Energotransbank started the loyalty program with technology support of CFT

Customers: Power transbank

Kaliningrad; Financial services, investments and audit

Product: CFT Loyalty
На базе: CFT Platform 1
Second product:

Project date: 2019/08  - 2020/02

2020: Start of the loyalty program "Unconditional cashback"

On March 24, 2020 CFT announced start of the loyalty program "Unconditional cashback" for holders of bank cards in CB Energotransbank.

Within the loyalty program "Unconditional cashback" holders of cards of CB Energotransbank (JSC) will be able to return up to 5000 rubles a month. For each purchase for the amount over 100 rubles the bank will add to the card holder bonuses at the rate of 1 bonus for each spent 100 rubles (1 bonus is equal to 1 ruble).

Specialists of CFT performed a complex of the works providing functioning of the loyalty program "Unconditional cashback". Connection of bank to a hardware and software system of the platform of CFT Loyalty, setup of rules of the loyalty program was performed, the loyalty module in RBS of ETB Online bank on the platform is installed. Using the systems of online banking (Internet bank or mobile application), the client – the participant of the loyalty program can browse balance of the saved-up bonuses, the history of their charge and write-off and also to compensate by bonuses perfect purchases.

The technology platform of CFT Loyalty provides processing of files with transactions of clients and formation of all necessary reports. Besides, CFT also provided the automated workplace for employees of a back office, contact center and division of claims activities of CB ENERGOTRANSBANK (JSC). In the automated workplace access to independent setup and correction of conditions of actions, and the specialists of bank responsible for communication with clients is open for employees of a back office the tool to the complete information on bonuses of participants of the program is provided.