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"The Russian mechanics" builds an ecosystem based on SAP

Customers: Russian Mechanics (RM)

Rybinsk; Mechanical engineering and instrument making

Contractors: K2 Consult
Product: SAP Commerce Cloud (ранее SAP Hybris Commerce Cloud Suite)
Third product: SAP Service Cloud

Project date: 2019/05  - 2020/05

2020: End of the first project phase of automation of sales, service and work with dealers

On May 21, 2020 the Russian Mechanics company announced end of the first project phase of automation of sales, service and work with dealers. Thanks to the system created based on SAP Sales Cloud and SAP Service Cloud the efficiency of sales department already increased. In plans – connection of dealers and automation of service functions. The ecosystem which will integrate the producer, dealers and consumers will become a result of the project. The K2 Consult command acted as the partner of the project. The implementation project of cloud solutions began in 2019.

According to the company, implementation was decided to perform in two stages. During the first phase several integration with the current ERP system, data exchange on clients, contact persons, products and price lists and also orders, payments and deliveries were implemented. A system was integrated with the website, the tender platform and corporate assets of communication. In addition, segmentation of the customer base was carried out, the product directory with the specifying parts is created, the lead management is automated. Digitalization affected work with phases and sales cycles. In a system an opportunity to approve quotas on sales, to perform detailed planning and forecasting was implemented.

The next stage of the project plans automation of work with dealer network during which dealers will get access to a system, will be able to expose the forecast and sales plans, to make out all necessary requests, to place service orders and claims. A system will become uniform "point of entry" where data will be systematized, and access to them will become the most transparent.

One more area of work within the second stage plans service maintenance transformation. Control automation by service and damage orders and also release of bulletins and preparation of damage statements is planned. In addition, the possibility of creation of orders for maintenance of the equipment which is in ownership at the client will be implemented.

For May, 2020 the dealer network of "The Russian mechanics" totals more than hundred dealers. The qualitative digital medium is necessary for us for interaction at all stages. For us this project – an opportunity to increase loyalty of the end consumer.

Leonid Mozheyko, the CEO of "The Russian mechanics" noted

We already on start of the project understood that we create for the client not just the CRM system, but we implement the multifunction tool which will integrate all dealer network and the producer in work with end consumers. Using a cloud solution from SAP "Russian mechanics" will construct an ecosystem which all participants effectively will interact among themselves. It is interesting that already at one of the first stages of data scrubbing for their transfer in a system the company could look at the current status and perspectives of development from a different angle. We hope that the digital instrument will allow "The Russian mechanics" and to further achieve all effective objectives.

Alexey Leontovich, the deputy CEO of SAP CIS told

In the project progress the K2 Consult command had to solve a set of the problems connected as with technical difficulties of integration of systems and the vychistki of data, and with changes of business processes of the company.

Pavel Kulikov, the project manager, K2 Consult told


On May 27, 2019 the SAP CIS company reported that the producer of snowmobiles "Russian Mechanics" selected cloud solutions of SAP Sales Cloud and SAP Service Cloud for automation of work of dealer network and increase in efficiency of work with clients. K2 Consult acted as the partner in implementation.

Implementation of the modern CRM platform will help "The Russian mechanics" to manage sales processes, to increase the processing speed of orders and to reduce quantity of errors at their formation. A system will also allow to build end-to-end processes of service between the dealer, the producer and clients, to improve the level of service, to receive a qualitative feedback from dealers and clients and to react quickly to market changes.

The first project phase is going to be completed in November, 2019, all project is calculated till June, 2020.

"It is important to us to build effective work with our dealers from Kamchatka to Kaliningrad and also to receive high-quality and operational feedback from clients. The cloud solutions entering a line of the SAP solutions Customer Experience will allow us quickly and without additional load of IT systems of the company to create a uniform ecosystem "the producer – the dealer consumer". They will also help to analyze wishes and preferences of clients and on their basis to upgrade and create the new equipment".

Leonid Mozheyko, CEO of "Russian mechanics"

"Digital technologies completely changed relationship of sellers and buyers, beginning from methods of search of goods and finishing with requirements to the level of service. For this reason producers actively use different tools better to know and hold the clients – implement the loyalty program, raise the service level and extent of personalisation of offers. And it is, certainly, the correct way. Because during an era of general digitalization it is important not to forget about people. Their impression about a product, service can give the company on success top".

Alexey Leontovich, deputy CEO of SAP CIS