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Tele2 provided to free Wi-Fi ski resorts of the Leningrad Region

Customers: Red lake

Tourism, hotel and restaurant business

Product: Services of telephony and communication

Project date: 2019/06  - 2019/12

2019: Providing free Wi-Fi for guests of resorts Snow and "Red lake"

On January 14, 2020 Tele2 reported that the mobile Internet 4G of Tele2 works at all slopes of ski resorts of the Leningrad Region, and for guests of resorts Snow and "Red lake" the company provided free Wi-Fi.

In December, 2019 in support of a high-quality communication on alpine skiing slopes of Tele2 completed the project with inflyuenser of St. Petersburg: photographers, travelers, athletes told users of social networks as they were fond of winter sports, than slopes in the Leningrad Region differ and how to deliver on mountain skiing of the child. Lena Hachina (@pinnywooh) and Victoria Voskresenskaya (@vikavosk), the author of the blog about extreme sports Artem Ushakov (@tema_ushakov), the photographer and the author of informal excursions Vladislav Karpyuk (@vladislavkarpyuk) participated in the project a travel bloggers.

Implementation of the large investment project in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region became a reason for start of an image campaign. Tele2 expanded a coverage of network in all districts of the area and reached communications other quality level. The operator upgraded the operating base stations 4G, having expanded their capacity and also provided with technology 4G all base stations of Tele2 in the region. As a result the mobile Internet became quicker.

We constantly develop and we upgrade Tele2 network both in the city, and in the Leningrad Region. In 2019 on the basis of big data we analyzed activity of subscribers in popular ski resorts and found out that consumption of traffic at the St. Petersburg subscribers increased almost by 9 times. Therefore we paid especially attention to fashionable resorts for winter holidays to support lifestyle of our subscribers by the excellent Internet,
told Maxim Ikonnikov, the commercial director of the macroregion "Northwest" of Tele2