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Rosatom transfers enterprises of nuclear-weapon complex from SAP HCM to domestic solution

Customers: Rosatom

Moscow; Power

Product: Alfa-HRMS is Alfa / Personnel management
На базе: Alfa system
Second product: PostgreSQL of DBMS

Project date: 2018/10

In 2018 Rosatom began, and in the 2021st is going to complete transfer of the enterprises of the nuclear weapon complex (NWC) on a standard personnel management system based on the domestic platform. About it in February at a conference of TAdviser "Import substitution: 2019: real experience" was told by the director of the department of IT of Rosatom Evgeny Abakumov.

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Evgeny Abakumov told about experience of import substitution in Rosatom

The new HRM solution for the enterprises of Rosatom was created based on the Alfa platform, it was developed by the supplier of this platform - "Informkontakt", jointly with specialists of VNIIEF. The scope functional baseline of a system includes management of organizational creation, personnel records, planning and a time recording, payroll calculation.

In total the project will cover 14 YaOK enterprises with number of staff about 90 thousand human.

Slide from Evgeny Abakumov's presentation at a conference of TAdviser "Import substitution: 2019: real experience"

Within the first wave of implementation which is going to complete Rosatom in 2019 a system is going to be implemented at 6 enterprises. According to Abakumov, in January, 2019 a system based on Alfa was brought into commercial operation on 5 large enterprises, and in it the given about 40 thousand employees are processed.

Slide from Evgeny Abakumov's presentation at a conference of TAdviser "Import substitution: 2019: real experience"

To purchase of services in completion of the standard personnel management system which is carried out by Rosatom in 2018 follows from the published documentation that a system was implemented, in particular, at the Atomflot enterprises, All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Technical Physics of akady. E.I. Zababakhina, UEMZ, NIKIET and NIIEFA. In request for proposals from suppliers on rendering services in completion of a standard personnel management system for the above-stated five YaOK enterprises in 2018 Greenatom included in criteria for evaluation of suppliers presence of experience of projects implementation at them to implementation of personnel management systems at the enterprises based on software of Alfa-HRMS or SAP HCM.

At least on two of these enterprises - NIKIET and NIIEFA is public information on participation in 2013-2014 in the project on implementation of the uniform information automated control system for personnel (IACSP) based on SAP HCM. At the same time in NIKIET, in particular, even earlier, before SAP implementation of HCM, for automation of personnel tasks the solution based on software Galaktika was used. How many the YaOK enterprises used IASUP based on SAP HCM, in Greenatom did not specify TAdviser.

Rosatom systematically transferred the enterprises to SAP HCM from 2009 to 2016. For April, 2014 IASUP was in total implemented at 21 enterprises from different divisions with cumulative number of staff more than 50 thousand people, and at the end of 2016, according to Greenatom, 60 enterprises of Rosatom[1] were already connected to it[2]. This project repeatedly received awards from SAP on its international contest of SAP Quality Awards.

At the same time, the Alfa platform for automation of personnel tasks is not new to Rosatom. It was used in a number of the enterprises of state corporation and before large-scale transition to SAP HCM.

A new HRM system in Rosatom is called the first large-scale import-independent product implemented in nuclear sector. In the long term development of its functionality – expansion of opportunities in the field of management of career and succession, interchangeability of specialists, efficiency of personnel: cards of key performance indicators, career ladders and many other things.

Today in the Russian market of the ready complex offer for the solution of these tasks does not exist yet therefore we are going to continue work in partnership with the Russian vendors. Also we want to expand geography of system implementation and to cover the new enterprises of the industry, - Evgeny Abakumov reported at a conference of TAdviser.

Slide from Evgeny Abakumov's presentation at a conference of TAdviser "Import substitution: 2019: real experience"

Implementation of an import-independent HRM system – one of steps within the Digital Import Substitution program of Rosatom which implementation began in 2019. It covers all state corporation, but a priority of the first phase, according to Evgeny Abakumov, are YaOK and YaRB (nuclear and radiation safety).


  1. [ At the enterprises of the industry
  2. personnel and accounting processes are standardized]