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Pilot of intellectual diagnostics of atomic plant equipment started in Rosatom

Customers: Rosenergoatom, Federal State Unitary Enterprise concern

Moscow; Power

Contractors: VNIIAES
Product: Projects based on technologies of Internet of Things (IoT)

Project date: 2019/10

VNIIAES (the child structure of Rosenergoatom, is included into Rosatom State Corporation) started a pilot project according to the predictive analysis of a condition of equipment, Rosenergoatom in October, 2019 reported. The project is initiated for the purpose of the analysis of a status of the capital electrotechnical and heatmechanical equipment of nuclear power plants. As a pilot item of equipment the turbine generator of power unit No. 6 of the New Voronezh NPP is selected.

In VNIIAES developed special mathematical models which will automatically estimate the nature of change of parameters of the equipment and to compare their current values to statuses which were fixed in operating experience of the equipment for all years of its work.

About 700 parameters arriving from the different sensors placed on this equipment and adjacent to it are in total traced.

As a pilot item of equipment for the project the turbine generator of power unit No. 6 of the New Voronezh NPP<i> (a photo - is selected</i>
As a pilot item of equipment for the project the turbine generator of power unit No. 6 of the New Voronezh NPP (a photo - is selected

The system of predictive analytics should detect uncharacteristic changes in parameters, "sound the alarm" and issue recommendations – what changes on what equipment happened and why when it is worth beginning repair what time still will be able to work the equipment in such status.

At information analysis capacities of DPC of Rosenergoatom Concern which was entered into work on the Kalinin NPP recently are used.

At the initial stage the existing approaches on predictive analytics on the example of the operative equipment should be approved and final requirements to all system of predictive analytics of the equipment of the NPP are specified.

VNIIAES told TAdviser that there is no ready-made solution yet, but it will be based on the solution of vendor. What, at the enterprise preferred not to specify, referring to the fact that it is internal information. Speaking about what solutions are now applied to monitoring of parameters of the equipment of the NPP, the Head of Department of digitalization and technical support of operation of power units of the NPP of VNIIAES Andrey Druzhayev noted:

Each item of equipment, depending on its importance and complexity, can have a set of systems for control and diagnostics of its status. Often control systems and diagnostics are developed independently by equipment supplier, or at dense cooperation with it. Sometimes it is done by the independent companies. Everything is defined by the specific equipment.

If the pilot project is considered successful, then further it can be extended to different power units of the NPP, and the structure of the analyzed equipment will be expanded. Rosenergoatom calculates that it will allow to optimize considerably terms and cost of maintenance and repair of the equipment of the NPP.

In 2018 in Rosenergoatom told that the concern is faced by a problem of development of the TOIR digital platform (maintenance and repair of the equipment) on pilot objects — the Balakovo and Smolensk NPP — with the subsequent creation of a new digital product.

Andrey Druzhayev reported that these pilots successfully go. At the level of a pilot project of VNIIAES the organization of communication with the MRO system is not planned yet, but if the pilot is successful, then such works will be carried out with high probability.

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