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Rostelecom and "RTK are Network technologies" will carry out upgrade of regional data networks

Customers: Rostelecom

Moscow; Telecommunication and communication

Product: Projects of creation of complex telecom infrastructure

Project date: 2020/01

2020: Agreement on upgrade of regional data networks

PJSC Rostelecom reported on February 20, 2020 that together with and RTK — Setevye tekhnologii LLC signed the agreement on large-scale upgrade of the regional data networks (RDN). It is planned that audit and also the description of high-level architecture and network topology, the used components and technologies (HLD or high-level design) will pass in all regions of the country. Deep upgrade of regional networks is planned in regions with high loading of communication channels and network equipment.

According to the agreement of the party will perform optimization of the network, will estimate the number of the necessary equipment and technology platforms, will replace an obsolete equipment and also will organize monitoring and technical support for ensuring positive control and functioning of RSPD of Rostelecom.

The structure of the agreement combines traditional deliveries and services with flexible mechanisms of a subscription for licenses and software, payment deferrals and also high variability of formation of structure of technical solutions on nodes of network of Rostelecom. Due to inclusion of financial instruments in the consolidated service package "RTK are Network technologies", planned dates of project implementation are reduced twice without increase in the general project budget.

The project implementation model developed by specialists of Rostelecom and "RTK are Network technologies", it is aimed at increase in efficiency of development and operation of RSPD: the cost of ownership of network falls, costs for the electric power are reduced, the capacity of network under the forecast of growth of traffic for six years ahead extends. It will allow to accelerate significantly in the near future development of digital products and services on infrastructure of Rostelecom.

During creation 'RTK are Network technologies' we agreed about a priority of this company in development of a technology landscape of Rostelecom. Large-scale upgrade of regional data networks — such project which task is replacement of the various equipment and transition from a set of various technical solutions to the uniform universal principle of creation of networks. It is very big and significant stride for optimization of our regional network infrastructure,
told the senior vice president for technical infrastructure of Rostelecom Alexey Sapunov

The combination of financial instruments and high technical expertize allowed to develop the solution for acceleration of upgrade of network of federal scale according to strict requirements of our strategic customer — Rostelecom companies. This project — an important stage in business development of our company. The got experience can be effectively adapted and offered other telecom operators, the large corporate and state bodies,
noted the CEO "RTK there are Network technologies" Maxim Papin