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"the Russian Railway the Logistics" implemented the CRM system

Customers: Russian Railway Logistics

Moscow; Logistics and distribution


Project date: 2020/07

On July 30, 2020 the Logistics announced the Russian Railway system implementation for customer relationship management (CRM). The company hopes that the new technology will help to transfer customer service to qualitatively new level and also to increase profitability business.

The pilot platform for work of the CRM system selects Russian Railway Logistics company. At start of a product Agile-approach which helped to organize and accelerate programming process was applied, adapting it to new requirements.

On the next stage of implementation of the CRM system the list of managerial settings will extend, integration with an internal system of Russian Railway holding and also with a number of external IT systems, for example, with the tender platform will be made. For workers "the Russian Railway the Logistics" is developed for increase in efficiency of use of a system the special training program.

The Russian Railway created and implemented the CRM system

The CEO "the Russian Railway Logistics" Dmitry Murev says that at implementation of the CRM system the company was faced by problems of increase in level of service to clients, cost reduction and time expenditure in work of personnel.

Besides the platform had to have flexibility with a potential of development and adaptations to dynamic business development of the company. Its implementation will allow to increase considerably efficiency, will minimize errors of "a human factor" and, as a result, will expand resource opportunities for business development — he noted.

Also follows from the message of the company that by the end of July, 2020 many requirements of "the Russian Railway of Logistics" for automation and digitalization are implemented and are provided with information systems.

"the Russian Railway the Logistics" intends to continue work on digitalization of business processes, including, using the advanced IT developments of Russian Railway holding and also online services in the field of logistic service in B2B segment.