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UEC — Saturn personnel department is equipped with an electronic queue of the NeuroniQ system

Customers: Saturn NGO


Product: NeuroniQ Management system for queue

Project date: 2019/06  - 2019/12

2019: Installation of a management system for NeuroniQ queue

On January 14, 2020 the Technologies of the Future company reported that PJSC UEC — Saturn personnel department was equipped with an electronic queue of the NEURONIQ system.

The installed intelligent system of NEURONIQ automatically distributes a flow of visitors of personnel department, reducing holding time and increasing employee performance of division. Implementation of a hardware and software system creates comfortable conditions of waiting for personnel, reducing psychological strength and level of conflictness. In addition, a system informs on an office of providing service and the extent of queue, excepting need of search of the necessary specialist and extreme in queue.

For the management of the enterprise the NEURONIQ system gives an opportunity to make reports on work of personnel department which can be used for further optimization of activity.