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Technologies of ABBYY by 7 times accelerated verification of agreements in Sberbank Leasing

Customers: Sberbank Leasing

Moscow; Financial services, investments and audit

Product: ABBYY FlexiCapture
Second product: ABBYY ScanDifFinder SDK

Project date: 2019/01  - 2019/06

JSC Sberbank Leasing automated check of a document package according to the leasing transaction (the agreement of leasing, the purchase and sale agreement, the guarantee agreement) using technologies of ABBYY. The ABBYY company reported about it on July 10, 2019. The intelligent solution compares the signed document to the electronic version and highlights differences. Now on identification of the facts of making changes in the approved version of one agreement less than three minutes — 7 times less, than leave earlier.

JSC Sberbank Leasing — one of the leasing companies with the developed regional network offering to the clients — to representatives of large, medium, small and micro business transport solutions taking into account industry specifics.

During approval and discussion of conditions of leasing customers and equipment suppliers often make changes in agreements. Therefore when obtaining contractual documentation employees "Sberbank of Leasing" compare the signed copies to earlier approved version using the solution based on technologies of ABBYY. For this purpose users in the interface ABBYY FlexiCapture scan paper documents with barcodes. The solution defines an agreement number and sends the digitized file to electronic archive. In a system search of the negotiation document is automatically run, and both versions go to comparison to the partner IGS solution Comparator based on technology ABBYY ScanDifFinder SDK. The solution quickly reveals any changes made on randomness or intentionally in documents. The employee of a back office, responsible for the specific agreement, receives the link to a task.

In the web interface the user can look at results of comparison. If copies are identical, then the employee approves the transaction and sends the document for accounting. If in documents distinctions are detected, the employee starts process of interaction with the partner. Thanks to the solution managers "Sberbank of Leasing" manage to check about 100 thousand pages of contractual documentation and to sign more than 2500 agreements on leasing a month.

We aim to make so that approval, processing and verification of multipage documents took as little as possible time of employees, and customers could quicker begin to use a leasing subject. Intellectual technologies of ABBYY helped us to accelerate as much as possible data entry and reading of agreements, at the same time we reduced risk to miss errors and discrepancies in documents,
comments Ekaterina Gurova, the head of department of processes and technologies of JSC Sberbank Leasing

The project was implemented by IGS company — the expert in the field of complex ECM solutions and the consulting company on information management.