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In mobile application "Sberbank Online" is available a translation service from credit cards

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Product: Sberbank Onl@yn
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Project date: 2008/03  - 2019/09


Sberbank Onl@yn is the centralized automated system for conducting financial transactions on the Internet.

Statistics of use of service

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Start of a translation service from credit cards in mobile application "Sberbank Online"

On September 17, 2019 Sberbank announced that it continues to expand functionality of credit cards – now transfers from the credit card became available in mobile application "Sberbank Online".

It is possible to transfer money to the debit card of Sberbank in mobile application by the phone number or the card number and also through the section Dialogs. Transfer of money happens instantly.

We aim to expand constantly possibilities of our products and to do them more convenient in response to wishes of clients. At the end of June in Sberbank Online web version the translation service from the credit card became available. During this time more than 130 thousand people already used it. Now it is possible to make transfers from the credit card and in mobile application "Sberbank Online". It is popular among our clients therefore we expect that the number of credit card holders who will estimate possibilities of service will grow up several times — Igor Kovalyov, the managing director of the Borrow and Save division said.

For service the same fee, as for transaction of cash withdrawal from credit cards in ATMs of Sberbank — 3% of the transferred amount, but not less than 390 rubles is charged. The size of the commission does not depend on the region and is displayed on the screen at transaction accomplishment.

An opportunity to fill up Sberbank Cards from cards of other banks through mobile application

On September 10, 2019 Sberbank announced that now clients can transfer instantly money from any debit cards of the Russian banks to Sberbank Cards in mobile application "Sberbank Online".

This function is useful to those who use maps of different banks, but the main — Sberbank Card. The transfer commission makes 1.2%, (but not less than 30 rubles). Replenishment of credit cards of Sberbank is performed without the commission.

To make transfer, the client in mobile application Sberbank Online in the Cards menu needs to click "Fill up" and select "From the card of other bank". Then in the graph — to enter the amount of transfer, these cards of other bank and to confirm transaction with the password. Such method of transfers — fast and safe, emphasized in Sberbank.

The same transaction can be made on the website of Sberbank. In the web version Sberbank Online the service is not available yet.

We understand that our clients can use services and other banks. Our task — to make their interaction with Sberbank convenient and comfortable that the normal user had no difficulties at replenishment of our cards from cards of other banks. Thus we expand the horizon of opportunities and mobility of our clients — Dmitry Malykh, the director of the "Acquiring and Bank Cards" division noted.

Possibility of installation of the PIN code according to the card in the web version "Sberbank Online"

Sberbank gave on September 6, 2019 an opportunity of installation of the PIN code in Sberbank Online web version. Earlier this option was available to clients only in mobile application.

Thanks to expansion of service clients of bank will be able to set the PIN code according to the card and in Sberbank Online web version now. This option will be especially demanded among those who forgot the PIN code to the issued card, wants to get access to the means most quickly, but Sberbank Online" does not use mobile application ".

Before emergence of this functionality in Sberbank Online the client who forgot the PIN code needed to order recard issue, to wait until it is made and to take away in bank department.

Service of remote banking in letters of credit

On August 9, 2019 Sberbank reported that Business Online (SBBOL) service of remote banking in letters of credit implemented in a system Sberbank. For August, 2019 service is already used by more than 600 legal entities.

Sberbank Business Online

Clients can create statements on letters of credit online and independently send them to bank on execution. All document flow is transferred to online: clients can send letters according to the current transactions, make changes, direct applications for early payments and also respond in one click to letters and requests from bank.

All necessary information on letters of credit is available to clients in a personal account of SBBOL: conditions of general agreements, correspondence with bank on letters of credit in one window, the statuses of statements, the register of letters of credit and correspondence on them.

We are aimed at a fast output of products in remote links and we aim at reduction of paper document flow. Thanks to this service the paper statement is succeeded by the electronic structured document. Now clients can see in real time all transactions and correspond with bank. Until the end of the year an opportunity to make out letters of credit online will appear at all our clients - legal entities,
told Evgeny Kravchenko, the senior managing director, the director of Management of trade financing of Sberbank

An opportunity to pay purchases using Pay QR service

On August 5, 2019 Sberbank reported that users of the application "Sberbank Online" can pay purchases with smartphones with the help of a payment service now "Pay QR". Read more here.

Updating for iPhone and Android: emergence of personal cards in the main menu

On July 18, 2019 Sberbank provided large-scale updating Sberbank Online for iPhone and Android. Now the application adapts to tasks of each client.

Sberbank provided large-scale updating "Sberbank Online" for iPhone and Android

On the main screen cards with actions, for example, with payments and transfers to the specific organizations and people appeared. Algorithms using artificial intelligence analyze preferences of the client on 1000 parameters and offer options of the most relevant actions individually for each user. Using such cards it will be possible to make more conveniently and quicker usual transactions, including money transfers to parents, payment of housing and public utilities or cellular communication. Separate cards will pay attention to important events, for example, transfer of salary.

"Sberbank tens of millions of people, and at each of them different interests Online use. For example, some most often come into the application to make transfer native, others pay for the Internet, the third — for a parking or computer games. We aim to make Sberbank Online convenient for each client, and to reduce a way to the necessary action to a minimum. It is especially important for our application in which more and more services and functions appear every month",

Except personal cards in an upper part of the main screen it is possible to look, as before, at Stories, balance Thanks and analytics on the finance.

The section with bank cards also began to adapt to the user: if the client has more than two cards, on the main screen there will be only those which actively use. It will be possible to look at the others, having unrolled section.

In Sberbank Online there was an updated welcome screen at an input. Photo:

Other part of big updating are emotions. To use Sberbank Online it was more pleasant, the application had an updated welcome screen at an input. The sun and stars, declines and dawn in the updated design. Residents of some cities will see a local attraction on the screen, noted in Sberbank.

Besides, in Sberbank Online for iPhone sounds appeared. With them, according to Sberbank, it is more convenient to use the application: sounds will pay attention to notifications and other important events.

The third component of start — information channels in Dialogs with useful and interesting publications about finance and technologies, the real estate, investments and an entrepreneurship. It is easy to find them in search in the application.

Improvements are available to clients since July 18, 2019.

Start of information channels "Sberbank Online"

On July 18, 2019 Sberbank announced that in the Sberbank Online application information channels with unique content appeared. They are available in Dialogi service where now it is possible not only to send conveniently money and to correspond in a format of chats, but also to read interesting posts.

On start it is possible to subscribe for five channels on different subjects: "Finance and technologies" (topical news, analytics and the brightest starts of the industry), Domklik (about the house, repair and interior design), "The happy parent" (life hacks for mothers and fathers, issues of education), "Investments "The case" (a success story of entrepreneurs and businessmen) is intelligible" (just about investment for beginners and professionals). In plans — start of new channels from bank and partners.

Last year we added to Sberbank history Online, stickers and cards which clients already actively use. Channels in Dialogiakh — our next experiment in the field of content projects. We want not only to develop useful services, but also to share interesting information in those areas where we have an examination. In a format of channels it is possible to do it unostentatiously and conveniently for the client — Alexey Kruglov, the director of the Digital Platform division of the Retail Business block of Sberbank said.

It is easy to find channels through search in the application. They are available in Sberbank Online version, relevant for July 18, to Android and iPhone.

An opportunity to make changes to legal case online

Sberbank gave an opportunity to corporate clients to make changes to legal case without visit of office. Fifteen most demanded types of changes among which — change of the address, prolongation of powers of the head and officials, change of list of founders — all this it is possible to enter to three clicks in Internet bank for entrepreneurs Sberbank Business Online, reported in bank on July 17, 2019.

To change information on the company, it is necessary to open in the section Management of the organization the Information tab and to select "Make changes". To select one or several options from the Change Type list, to create the statement and to attach supporting documents. For signing of the statement to click "Receive the SMS Code", to enter the received code and to send the application to a bank. If as a method of confirmation the token is selected, then documents are signed with its help. The status of request it is possible to trace online.

As digital bank we continue to develop remote services. Making changes in legal case — one of the most demanded — is available now in Sberbank Business Online. We hope that our clients will estimate the offered service and it will allow them to be focused more on development of the case, being distracted by preparation and document creation as little as possible — Sergey Popov, the director of the Transaction Business division of Sberbank noted.

The updated Business-profil service

On July 16, 2019 Sberbank reported that together with Yandex.Money company the service of acceptance B2C-and B2B-payments online for entrepreneurs restarted. The updated service is called Business profile. He allows to create the website of the company in several clicks. Read more here.

Possibility of transfer of social benefits for owners of nominal accounts in mobile "Sberbank Online"

On July 15, 2019 Sberbank announced that owners of nominal accounts for transfer of social payments can make transactions in now mobile application "Sberbank Online" (on platforms iOS and Android). In December, 2018, Sberbank made this service available in the web version Sberbank Online.

The offered service allows online, without visiting bank department, to transfer funds from the nominal account into other account or the bank card (and then, if necessary, to remove them in the ATM), to browse and print account details for providing them in the body performing payment of the social means intended on keeping of the ward (the beneficiary according to the nominal account).

Besides, it is possible to transfer into the nominal account from other accounts alimony, payments for indemnification to health and indemnification, the supporter suffered in case of death and also payment on keeping of the beneficiary. In detail it is possible to get acquainted with conditions of the nominal account on the website of Sberbank.

In mobile "Sberbank Online" there were digital cards sounded by AI

Sberbank announced on June 28, 2019 providing to users of the application Sberbank Online an opportunity to create a digital card with a virtual cat of Sberbank Kusey. The text entered by the user is read by voice of the hero, popular among users of social networks — the character Sberkot's girlfriends. It is possible to select one of three thematic cards from Kusy: at the sea, at a party, on a board.

Digital cards with a virtual cat Kusey

Such digital solution based on artificial intelligence is for the first time applied in an entertaining product in the banking application. The voice of Kusi is synthesized by a neuronet.

Sberbank already uses artificial intelligence for the solution of some business challenges and improvement of client experience and is going to continue implementation of disruptive technologies in this area.

Three digital cards with speaking Kusey are available in mobile application Sberbank Online to devices based on iOS and Android. To use service, the user in mobile application needs to turn into dialogs and in a chat with the friend to select Card from a window of input of the message.

Availability of service of drawing of electronic accounts for services of inDriver

Sberbank together with inDriver, the international service of passenger traffic, implemented payment of services through service of drawing of electronic accounts in mobile application "Sberbank Online". On June 21, 2019 reported about it in Sberbank.

Earlier for replenishment of the personal account clients of inDriver needed to make payments via terminals or using the payroll-websites.

Sberbank considerably simplified this process. Now users of inDriver will be able to fill up the personal account quickly and without the commissions, having passed from mobile application of inDriver to the bill which is made out in "Sberbank Online". For payment commission will be to confirm already prepared payment enough, without entering manually details.

On a withdrawal of inDriver, the offered service increases convenience and safety of calculations to users of the inDriver platform.

Thanks to this integration each client of inDriver will be able to estimate convenience of the payment service provided by Sberbank. Are sure that the provided functionality will simplify replenishment of personal accounts for users and will reduce the number of wrong payments — Alexander Pavlov, the development director of inDriver network noted.

In the future Sberbank is going to expand the number of the service providers connected to the system of drawing of electronic invoices for payment of services.

Start of service of payments "My transactions" in mobile application "Sberbank Online"

On June 13, 2019 announced Sberbank that in the section Payments there was a My Transactions service — the list of the organizations which are most often used by the client for payments.

The list forms automatically by means of the algorithm analyzing the history of payments of the client. A system "remembers" the details entered earlier by the client and autocompletes them at the subsequent payments. Now for payment of utility and other services it is enough to check the amount and to confirm payment.

After payment implementation the check remains in the history of transactions. In need of it it is possible to print or send by mail.

Availability in IRBIS NB245 Pro notebooks

On June 10, 2019 computer the equipment manufacturer IRBIS announced start of sales ultrathin notebooks for entrepreneurs – IRBIS NB245 Pro with the pre-installed application Sberbank Business Online and an opportunity authorizations using a fingerprint. In more detail here.

Start of digital business maps with telemedicine

On June 5, 2019 Sberbank announced start digital business cards for corporate clients and individual entrepreneurs — Mastercard Digital Business of Sberbank and Visa Digital Business of Sberbank. It is possible to issue such card in internet- bank "Sberbank Business Online" without visit of office of bank. In more detail here.

Withdrawal of payment. Status tracker of currency payments / transfers

On June 5, 2019 Sberbank announced that lately in Internet bank for entrepreneurs "Sberbank Business Online" appeared the whole set of significant updates.

Status tracker of currency payments / transfers. 100% of clients can trace currency payments at all stages of their passing, including in foreign banks on all chain of participants of calculations, beginning from the moment of execution and finishing with transfer into the account of the partner. The updated service online shows a payment status in foreign banks, time, the size of the withheld commission, a course of conversion (when applicable) and amount of transfer to transfer to the partner.

Withdrawal of payment. Clicking of the button it is possible to withdraw payment online. It is very demanded service, for example, when the user understood that he made a mistake in the payment order. Time of return is less than 1 minute. An exception — transfers in Sberbank, they are made almost instantly, and for a withdrawal of payment it is already necessary to contact the partner directly.

Refining of details of currency payments. Now requests and correspondence from correspondent banks on refining of details of currency payments are reflected in Sberbank Business Online. The client can also create the structured initiative refining of details or respond to the arrived request from correspondent bank in two clicks, having filled the fields necessary for change.

In advance given acceptance online. Service of design/cancelling of consent to automatic payment of payment requests from permanent suppliers and contractors became available to clients, without coming to VSP. Everything that for this purpose is necessary — to accept conditions of the relevant agreement in Sberbank Business Online. The updated service allows to manage conveniently and quickly settlement with partners, to increase efficiency and speed of calculations.

Safe Transaction service

On May 6, 2019 Sberbank announced Safe Transaction service for creation of escrow-transactions from corporate Internet bank. Service represents the simple and convenient online analog of the bank letter of credit working when b2b-calculating.

"The safe transaction" will provide a guarantee of return of means in the event of default with the contractor and a guarantee of complete prepayment from the customer for the contractor. Service is integrated into Internet bank of Sberbank for entrepreneurs (Sberbank Business Online) and works as follows. It is enough to user to become authorized in Internet bank, to pass into the section "Products and services", to select "The safe transaction". After clicking of the button he passes to the page of service from where fills out terms of the contract and sends the invitation to other participant of the transaction who receives the invitation, passes to the page of service and confirms offered terms of transaction.

When the customer transfers money to the buffer account in service, the contractor receives the notification and gets to work. Having performed work, the contractor informs on it a system, and a system — the customer. If the customer confirms execution of the transaction, the service transfers money to the contractor then the transaction is closed. If at least one of the parties does not agree with result of work, the command of service begins arbitration consideration of the transaction and makes the decision for benefit of one of the parties.

The service is relevant for entrepreneurs. According to the statistics of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation, in 2018 arbitration courts of Russia considered 1.908 million cases. It is 160 thousand more, than the previous year. At the same time 60% of all disputes, or 1.15 million cases, belonged to the civil relations, 85% of disputes were about non-execution or improper execution of contractual commitments.

The Safe Transaction service in Sberbank Business Online Internet bank is intended for risk reduction at settlement between legal entities and is optimal when you begin to work with unknown contractors or customers. It is also simple to create the safe transaction in service how, for example, to make purchase in normal online store. Thanks to integration of service creation and payment of safe transactions happen to Internet bank in several clicks. Each step is confirmed by the code from the Sms. It is possible to secure any transaction, beginning from 5000 rubles.
Sergey Parshikov, project director of the Digital Corporate Bank division of Sberbank

The commission for use of service makes 1.45% of transaction amount and does not depend on its size. This commission can be carried both on one of the parties of the transaction, and in a proportion 50/50.

"The safe transaction" will be included into an ecosystem of services for business in Sberbank Business Online Internet bank. All services are available in the section "Products and services" of corporate Internet bank of Sberbank and close the majority of basic needs of business. Some of them are built in standard scenarios of actions of the client and are offered the user only when it is relevant for him (for example, the "Check of partners" highlighting the aggregated risks assessment during creation of the payment order to the partner). By May, 2019 300 thousand clients used paid versions of data of services.

Service is implemented by the partner company of Sberbank of SafeCrow (Seyfkrou LLC).

Service of signing of the contracts for payment acceptance of natural persons

On April 17, 2019 Sberbank announced providing to the corporate clients — to suppliers of goods and services — service of signing of the contracts on payment acceptance of natural persons.

This service provided in corporate Internet bank "Sberbank Business Online" significantly simplifies for the enterprises and entrepreneurs — clients of Sberbank signing of the contracts with bank. Now it can be done quickly and simply, having signed the request for signing of the contract with the electronic signature. The agreement is signed online within five minutes on paperless technology and does not require visit of bank departments.

Reduction of use of paper in activity of bank also allows Sberbank and its clients to make a contribution to the solution of environmental problems of society and environment protection.

For signing of the contract on payment acceptance it is necessary to enter into Sberbank Business Online, to select service "Payments of individuals" and to fill out the request. Already next day after signing of the contract clients — individuals will be able to pay easily services of supplier company in Sberbank Online, devices of self-service or ATMs of Sberbank in any point of Russia and also to connect service of "Avtoplatezh".

Service is created as a result of synergy of two blocks of Sberbank — retail and corporate and investment.

The provided service of Sberbank not only saves time of our clients, but also sets the standard of client experience of supplier companies of services which makes purchases and payments even more conveniently and more simply both for buyers, and for sellers. Now corporate clients of Internet bank will be able to reduce costs for signing of the contracts and to get access to payment acceptance through channels of bank by an easy and convenient way, and their buyers will be able easily to pay invoices.
Igor Mamontov, the vice president - the director of the Payments and Transfers division

An opportunity to configure notifications on transactions and to change the phone number

On April 15, 2019 Sberbank reported that in mobile application "Sberbank Online" there was an opportunity to configure notifications on transactions and to change the phone number to which the card is linked.

Service of notifications is included into service Mobile bank and allows clients of Sberbank to receive notifications about the made operations with cards on phone. Now to connect or disconnect notifications and also to change the phone number to which the card is linked to clients it is not obligatory to address to contact center, to look for the ATM or to go to bank department — they can make it in mobile application "Sberbank Online".

We continue to work on convenience and availability of our services and we transfer more and more services to Sberbank Online among which now and notifications. It is one of the services which are most demanded by our clients, more than 76 million people use it for April, 2019.


To configure notifications in the Sberbank Online application, it is necessary to come into the profile and to select "Notifications according to cards" from Settings. According to each card the user will be able to connect or disconnect notifications (to change a rate) and to change the phone number at the same time for all cards linked to it. Also there is an opportunity to configure a delivery mode of notifications — push or the SMS.

The built-in service of work with accounts in Windows 10

On April 9, 2019 Sberbank announced release of upgraded version of the Sberbank Business Online application for Windows 10. The built-in service of work with accounts became its key advantage.

In the updated application entrepreneurs can make out bills (with substitution of the sign and seal as in accounting systems) and also to import accounts from the file or to distinguish according to the photo. Having recognized the account, the application is automatically created by the payment order for its payment — the user will need only to confirm payment and to send order to bank in one click.

Characteristic of the operating system from Microsoft is work on all gadgets. Having downloaded and having set Sberbank Business Online for Windows 10, users will be able to work in this operating system from any devices: from the computer, the tablet, the notebook or gadgets "2 in 1". Through the application corporate clients of Sberbank can make payments and read push-notifications on their execution, download statements and send them in messengers or through mail, work with the salary project, open deposits, work with business cards of the company and with the credits of the organization.

The Sberbank Business Online application gives to clients a number of advantages in comparison with traditional Internet banks. The user does not need to think of what browser he uses (not all browsers are compatible to Internet banks) whether the application version became outdated (updating is automatic). For an input it is enough to enter the PIN code into the application or to put a finger to the scanner of prints.

Evgeny Kolbin, the vice president, the director of the Digital Corporate Bank division of the Corporate and Investment Business block of Sberbank noted:

For Windows 10 works more than 10 thousand companies with the Sberbank Business Online application. Generally it is the small companies which have one checking account and no more than three users from the organization. We offered them such user experience at which the routine process of billing which is taking away time and creating risk of errors will remain in the past. It is very important to us to create our application the most convenient and easy in daily operation on any device running the most widespread operating system".

Start of a service package "The case"

On March 28, 2019 Sberbank announced start of a free service package "The case" for self-employed. Also Sberbank began testing of functionality of service of registration of citizens as payers of "A tax on professional income" in the application "Sberbank Online". For March, 2019 the limited number of users of the application has an opportunity to be registered and receive a service package.

Start of a service package "The case"

Federal law No. 422 "About carrying out an experiment on establishment of special tax regime "A tax on professional income" in the federal city of Moscow, in the Moscow and Kaluga regions and also in the Republic of Tatarstan" became effective from 1/1/2019.

Alexander Vedyakhin, the First Deputy Chairman of the board of Sberbank:

We as financial institution, we consider ourselves responsible for the help to millions of our clients which decided to register and develop the case. Together with the solution including basic functions we start the wide line of product solutions developed taking into account special requirements of this category of clients including a free service package "The case". The packet includes several specialized products which will help citizens with the solution of the essential tasks connected with conducting professional activity.

The service package will give the chance self-employed to consult at the lawyer, to create the website, to get access to the educational platform "Business Environment" with the materials which are specially developed for this category of clients and to use the online calendar for record of clients — especially popular service for those who process the case in the field of services.

It is possible to be registered as self-employed in a couple of minutes in mobile application "Sberbank Online" which were so fallen in love to our clients. Additional documents and visit of office of bank at the same time are not required. The solution allows not only to register the case, but also to perform necessary transactions for its maintaining. Until the end of the I quarter 2019 it will be available to all users Sberbank Online.

In mobile application "Sberbank Online" self-employed will be able:

  • link the personal card for accounting of income from the case or to remotely open the digital map with free service;
  • to automatically create checks on all receipts from individuals for the selected card for confirmation of income and further calculation of a tax by the Federal Tax Service (FTS);
  • create checks manually if self-employed encashed a payment for the services from clients or transfer from the legal entity;
  • connect autopayment for timely payment of a tax in FTS;
  • withdraw mistakenly created check.

Search based on machine learning is implemented

On March 11, 2019 Sberbank reported that search in mobile application Sberbank Online (iOS and Android) became more convenient using tools based on machine learning.

Uniform search in the application on the main screen allows to look for contacts for transfers, the organizations for payments, functions of the application and banking products. Now at the expense of self-training algorithms search results are configured under the client that allows it to pass to the necessary screen of the application quickly. When the user begins to enter a word for search, on the first positions options which with the largest probability are looked for by the client are displayed (for example, contacts from the address directory with which the user most often interacts). For this purpose search analyzes the user activity both in the application, and in the search. The more the client uses the application, the more precisely there will be search results.

In Sberbank Online appears more and more products and services. That clients could find easily necessary, we develop search in the application. For example, thanks to data analysis and machine learning the median number of characters which the user enters in search query decreased from 6 to 3.
Alexey Kruglov, acting as director of the Digital Platform division of the Retail Business block of Sberbank

Before input of the first characters the user sees the recommended transactions now – based on machine learning a system predicts that the client will look for. The recommended transactions display relevant payments and transfers which were made not only in mobile application earlier, but also in departments, ATMs, on the website. Recommendations are created by a neural network proceeding from the contacts and the organizations demanded by the user taking into account frequency of his actions and other dependences (for example, search will suggest to pay, as usual, housing and public utilities at the beginning of a month or to transfer to someone money after receipt of salary). For March, 2019 function is available only to users of iPhone, later it will appear also in the Android-application.

Using integration into the NLP platform of Sberbank (the platform of speech recognition) search began to understand natural language queries and to correct typos, offering the client relevant answers. It is possible to ask questions, using words in a context, informal conversation (for example, "How to issue the credit", "Where to look at details of the card", etc.).


Application for a consumer loan through mobile application

On December 27, 2018 Sberbank announced expansion of a possibility of online crediting of individuals. Now users of mobile application "Sberbank Online" can submit the application for a consumer loan and receive the solution, and then and money on the card, without visiting office of bank.

Sberbank aims to transfer a maximum of the services to Digital. We represent to users of mobile application "Sberbank Online" on to the operating system Android a convenient service which allows to issue a consumer loan at any time and in any place without the need for visit of office of bank. For December, 2018 more than a half of clients of bank submit the application for a consumer loan online, receiving the solution on it in several minutes. It is especially important on the eve of New Year's holidays when bank departments service clients on the reduced diagram while Sberbank Online works round the clock and without days off.
Sergey Shirokov, managing director of the Borrow and Save division of the Retail Business block of Sberbank

This service is available to users of the devices working on the Android operating system, and within several months will appear also on IOS-DEVICES.

Status tracker of currency payment

On December 24, 2018 kompaniyasberbank reported that the status tracker of currency payment in the system of Internet banking "Sberbank Business Online" is available to corporate clients.

According to the company, online clients see:

  • chain of passing of currency payment;
  • the status of the payment in other bank;
  • date, time, size of the commission, rate and amount of transfer.

The tracker shows through what banks there passed the payment what commission is written off at what rate currency conversion is made. Service is simple and comfortable in use as all information is provided visually and for December, 2018 is available in 1–2 cliques.

The updated Sberbank Business Online service removes uncertainty, and it is very important for business of any scale and a profile. For December, 2018 our clients obtain the complete information about the current currency payments that saves time and increases efficiency of business processes.

Anatoly Popov, vice chairman of the board of Sberbank

Creation of stories by Sberbank and RBC for mobile "Sberbank Online"

Sberbank and RBC announced on December 20, 2018 start of the joint content project in the section of Recommendation of mobile application Sberbank Online. Recommendations already appeared in the application of bank (in October — on iOS and in December — on Android). If earlier content prepared only by forces of bank, now the business media holding RBC was connected to the project. The stories created together with it are a unique content product and prepare especially for this collaboration, emphasized in Sberbank. Read more here.

The fast Siri commands for an iPhone-application "Sberbank Online"

On November 28, 2018 Sberbank reported that now owners of iPhone can give own fast Siri command for replenishment of balance of the mobile phone through Sberbank Online, transfer to the client of bank and other actions.

Siri Shortcuts (or the fast Siri teams) can form independently for the voice assistant Apple to automate the operations which are often performed on iPhone. With the advent of operating system iOS 12 in September, 2018 the fast Siri commands became available to owners of all iPhones, since the iPhone 5s model.

The configured fast command works as follows. For example, having said Siri a phrase "Fill up my mobile", the user activates a command which will start the application Sberbank Online. After an input in the application the screen of replenishment of the mobile phone of the user will open. It will be necessary to specify the amount and to complete operation.

To have an opportunity to give a command, it is required to make sure that a system is updated to iOS 12, and at least once to make the necessary action in Sberbank Online — for example, to fill up the cell phone. After that action will be active for use in Siri Shortcuts.

For creation of a command it is necessary to come into the iPhone settings, undressed "Siri and search", to choose "All fast commands". On this screen it is necessary to find Sberbank Online, to select action and to write for it a voice command. On this phrase the necessary action will be started in the future. It is possible to form own team and for other actions: transfer to the client of bank, transition to the screen of search in the application or to the screen of search of penalties of traffic police.

Own photo or video as Card in the application on Android

On November 26, 2018 Sberbank reported that in the Sberbank Online application on Android the feature to send own photo or video as monetary Card is added.

The present possibility appeared based on the monetary Cards started in the section Dialogs of the application Sberbank Online on October 1, 2018.

For launch, making money transfer, the user could select a card from 50 ready options (with popular contractors of the 90th, heroes of animated films, etc.). Now a photo or video a card most can make in the application or to select a photo from gallery of the smartphone.

Updating is available to users with the Android 5.0 operating system above.

Function is also already available to owners of IOS - devices.

Service "Internet is ringing" for Android

On November 9, 2018 Sberbank reported that in the application Sberbank Online for Android there was a function Internet call allowing to contact contact center of Sberbank on a voice communication on the Internet. On iOS similar function appeared in June, 2018.

At connection to the Internet through Wi-Fi the call for the client becomes completely free of any place in the world and is possible even at a negative account balance of the mobile phone. In case of connection through a cellular network the application will be used by Internet traffic paid according to a rate of the mobile operator.

Service is especially relevant for the people traveling out of the home region or outside Russia and also clients of Sberbank who often are in business trips, live abroad or use rates with a sufficient limit of Internet traffic.

Function of communication on the Internet is intended to help clients of bank at those moments when the normal call to contact center or is impossible, owing to lack of a covering of a cellular network, or is too expensive because of roaming. Until the end of 2018 we will implement a number of services which will create our application even more convenient for communications with bank.
Elena Serova, division leader "Customer care" of the Retail block of Sberbank

An opportunity to send own photo or video as monetary Card

On October 23, 2018 Sberbank reported that in the application Sberbank Online on iPhone there was an opportunity to send own photo or video as monetary Card.

The gift made with own hands always causes many emotions and is for a long time remembered. Also and in a digital medium — the photo or the video created directly for the receiver will turn normal money transfer into a sincere wish or will just lighten the mood. Therefore we complemented ready Cards in Dialogs in Sberbank Online with an opportunity to write the congratulation.
Svyatoslav Ostrovsky, division leader "Digital platform" of Sberbank

The added feature appeared based on the monetary Cards started in the section Dialogs of the application Sberbank Online on October 1, 2018. For launch, making money transfer, the user could select a card from 50 ready options (with popular contractors of the 90th, heroes of animated films, etc.). Now it is possible to record a photo or video for a card most in the application or to select a photo from gallery of the smartphone.

Until the end of 2018 this function will become available also to owners of Android devices.

Start of the Payment schedule mode

On October 18, 2018 Sberbank provided an operation mode with the web version of Internet bank for business under the name "Payment schedule". The mode allows to switch the Sberbank Business Online interface to an events feed format.

Clicking of the button the user transfers Internet bank to the format familiar to it on most popular social networks — events feeds. On the screen calendar dates and the main events tied to them in corporate Internet banking are displayed: salary payments, payments in the budget, settlings with partners and clients. Having clicked the necessary date, the user can request the statement, plan payment or payment.

Function in "Sberbank Business Online" Payment schedule is a next step towards to the client. It allows to simplify use of basic functions of Internet bank and to make work about "Sberbank Business Online" convenient, available and clear even to the beginning businessman or the accountant — any user regardless of experience and a professional background, the vice chairman of the board of Sberbank Anatoly Popov emphasized.

For October 18 function is available to most of clients "Sberbank Business Online". It is possible to connect it independently, having written the letter on an e-mail of Sberbank, having specified in a letter subject Payment schedule, and in the letter — a TIN of the organization.

Monetary Cards and updating Sberbank Online on iPhone

On October 1, 2018 Sberbank provided monetary Cards and updating Sberbank Online on iPhone.

According to the company, in Dialogs in Sberbank Online there was an opportunity to send monetary Cards. This animated and read image to which the sender puts a wish and money transfer. For October, 2018 the user can select cards more than from 50 options — with acquaintances since the childhood heroes of Soyuzmultfilm ("Winnie-the-Pooh", "Wait a moment!"), popular contractors of the 90th, fairy tale characters.

In January, 2018 we started Dialogi service in Sberbank Online. It quickly gains popularity: users can already communicate, send stickers with Sberkot and transfer each other money directly in a chat.

Svyatoslav Ostrovsky, division leader "Digital platform" of Sberbank

"Cards" will become available to users Sberbank Online on iPhone and Android beginning since October 1, 2018.

In updated Sberbank Online also several significant improvements appeared:

  • on the main screen useful Recommendations — financial councils, personal offers, instructions for work with the application appeared;

  • through search on the main screen it is possible to look for contacts for transfers, the organizations for payments, functions of the application and banking products;

  • in "The history of transactions" the complete list of transactions, including purchases in shops and cash withdrawal is displayed;

  • payment of penalties of traffic police in Sberbank became online more convenient — it is possible to look at lists of the next and already paid penalties, to save data of the car driver license and the registration certificate of the vehicle, to check a photo and the place on the card.

Improvements will become available to users of iPhone since October 1, 2018.

Option of confirmation of partners of Internet bank for Windows 10 OS

On September 18, 2018 Sberbank provided updating of the application internet- bank for operating system Windows 10. The possibility of confirmation of partners thanks to which users "Sberbank Online" for Windows 10 can create and confirm Business partners directly in the application became a key option. For convenience this option is built in payment creation process.

Earlier clients of Sberbank — users of mobile applications — could make payments to unconfirmed partners for the amount to 50 thousand rubles a day. To send funds for a large sum, they needed to come into Sberbank Business Online web version and to confirm the partner using the electronic signature (on SMS or a digital key — a token). This restriction was introduced for safety reasons.

"With implementation of an opportunity to sign the partner in the application, "Sberbank Business Online" for Windows 10 turns into full-fledged Internet bank on the gadget. If earlier our clients used the application mainly to control cash flow on the account and to conduct monitoring, then after updating of the application they can use it for business management and company funds. For September, 2018 10 12 thousand clients while from Microsoft 600 thousand have this operating system at least use the Windows application".

Evgeny Kolbin, director of the Digital Corporate Bank division of Sberbank

As noted in Sberbank, in updating a set of less noticeable, but convenient additions appeared. One of them — support of the menu by clicking the right mouse button on all tiles with several options. For obtaining the statement it is enough to click with the right mouse button a tile Checking account on the homepage of the application and to select the item "Receive the Statement for Today". On average on creation and sending the ruble payment order at the user of the application leaves up to 60 seconds.

Its multiplatformity remains key difference of the Sberbank Business Online application for Windows 10 from other mobile applications of bank for corporate clients. Having downloaded and having set "Sberbank Business Online" for Windows 10, users will be able to work in it on any devices with this OS: on the computer, the tablet, the notebook or "gadgets 2 in 1". According to in Sberbank, the application allows the user not to think of what browser it uses (not all browsers are compatible to Internet banks) whether the version of Internet bank became outdated (updating is automatic).

In addition to traditional bank functionality, the application gives the chance of authentication on the person (using Windows Hello technology), fast sending documents according to the contact list of the mobile device, import and export of documents 1C, opening of deposits and another.

It is possible to download "Sberbank Business Online" for Windows 10 in Microsoft Store.

Start of service of remote release of the EDS for biddings

On September 11, 2018 the Sberbank company announced input of service of remote release of the electronic signature for biddings. According to the company, corporate clients can order it in Sberbank Business Online Internet bank in the section "Products and services", having selected "The Electronic Signature for Biddings" service. The developer of a product — Corus Consulting CIS company. Read more here.

Start together with RPF of two Internet services of state services

In "Sberbank Online" there were two pension Internet services of the public services prepared together with the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation. Completely digital services allow to receive pension services without visits to bank department, RPF and MFC, reported on June 28, 2018 in Sberbank.

The first service — transfer of receiving pension to the account in Sberbank. He will allow pensioners to transfer to several clicks receiving pension in Sberbank without visit to the Pension fund.

The second service — obtaining the statement from the individual personal account of RPF. The statement will help to understand what working life at the client, its current pension savings and in what management company they are. It will allow the user to assess a situation and to consider it in plans for the future.

Access to state services which we offer our clients reflects the ideas put in our Strategy-2020 — the president, the chairman of the board German Gref noted. — Pension services — only the beginning, we will use the best efforts in order that our clients could receive different public services via channels of Sberbank.

The started services are available in the section "Other — Pension plans of" the web version "of Sberbank Online" and the Payments tab of mobile application. As of June 28 clients of the Central Russian territorial bank of Sberbank can use electronic pension services.

According to representatives of Sberbank, together with Pension Fund of the Russian Federation bank prepares for start some more services, including online registration, receiving and use of maternity capital.

Adaptation of Android version for blind clients

Sberbank Online
Sberbank Online

On July 3, 2018 it became known that adaptation Sberbank Online for devices on Android is finished.

In the provided version Sberbank Online for Android the screen announcer of TalkBack duplicates by voice all actions of the client that allows the blind person to be guided freely in the application. Such options as transfers and payments of different types, including connection and shutdown of autopayments, opening and closing of deposits, requests for design of the credit card, blocking of bank cards, transactions with Moneybox of Sberbank and the depersonalized metal accounts are connected to voice maintenance.

Adaptation of applications is included into the program of Sberbank for improvement of an ecosystem Special bank[1].

Support to the updated role model is implemented

On June 5, 2018 Sberbank announced that Sberbank Business Online got support of a role model which will allow to configure independently access to functions and information. Earlier for any change of settings of access to Internet bank of Sberbank clients had to address to bank department.

In updated Sberbank Business Online the client or the authorized person of the client can independently bring new users, appropriate them roles in a system and even to create a permission set. Besides, the client can configure in addition restrictions on accounts, transaction amounts and partners.

For the large companies in which there is a unique structure and business processes, thin settings of accesses to products and transactions with them are provided. Using these settings the company can create own unique roles.

Business Online will allow the company executive to give an access isolation opportunity in Sberbank without visit of office of bank access to Internet bank to the new employee or to change powers of the employee who is already working about Sberbank Business Online. The role model also allows to reduce fraud risks — it allows to avoid situations when the company executive transfers to the third parties the signature (the login and the password) for performing transactions in Internet bank.

As of June 5, function of remote creation of new users without right to sign it is already possible it is already available to clients. They will only need to fill out the online questionnaire with indication of a passport and contact information of the new user, to select for him a role, if necessary to configure restrictions and to sign the application for creation of the new account. Within 15 minutes after sending the user will receive applications the SMS from bank with data for an input in Internet bank.

In the nearest future Sberbank is going to add a feature for remote creation of users with right to sign. So far the user for whom the account with right to sign is created needs to visit office of bank personally.

Sberbank began open sales of insurance products through online bank

Sberbank made available to all users Sberbank purchase Online using the Internet of insurance products of Sberbank Life Insurance and Sberbank Insurance companies. These are the Insurance of Travellers, Protection of Relatives, Head of the family, Insurance of a Mortgage, Protection of the House, Protection of Bank Cards, The Protected Borrower, Insurance of Credit Card Holders and Insurance of the Borrower of a Consumer Loan programs.

Within the last month the functionality of the offer of insurance products was fulfilled in the pilot mode on a limited number of users. According to the results of the pilot the technology is replicated on all federal network and now is available more than 25 million active users Sberbank Online.

The section Insurance which is still created only in the web version Sberbank Online contains information on all operative policies (including issued through client managers). The functionality for a design of insurance products is here too provided. Process of online purchase takes no more than two minutes and consists of three stages: choice of the insurance program, design and payment.

Information, necessary for insurance, already contains in the account Sberbank Online therefore it is entered automatically — to enter the Full Name, passport and other data or it is not necessary to look for additional documents. It not only is convenient, but also excludes risk of miscalculation of an insurance premium because of errors when filling the request, developers of the program note.

"Display in Sberbank Online of our risk insurance products — the first stage of the project of an output in online of all set of products and services of the Wealth management block of Sberbank — the managing director of Management of products and development of customer relations of Sberbank Sergey Mruz says. — This year our clients will have in Sberbank Online new opportunities. It is the important trend directed to expansion of a range of services and services for our clients. We should not be limited to providing only banking products to them".

Sberbank reduced payment processing time to a minute

The senior vice president of Sberbank, the head of the Corporate Business block Anatoly Popov during the performance at a panel session "Small and medium business: priorities are known how to reach?", passed in the first day of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum noted: "Speed of implementation of payments was always one of our main competitive advantages. We understand that the most important for clients is time, and the client knows that his payment will be delivered almost instantly. And with a new digital format of account transfers it is quite possible to call Sberbank bank of instant transactions".

Specialists of bank completed technology conversions which allowed to reduce payment processing time in Sberbank more than twice. Now corporate clients will be able to be calculated among themselves within a payment system of Sberbank most quickly.

Earlier digital format of account transfer into the account of legal entity in any Russian subject made no more than 3 minutes.

Thus, the bank took the next step to achievement of the strategic objective on development of a payment system of Sberbank by 2020.

Start of Electronic archive

On May 18, 2018 Sberbank started Electronic Archive service. This cloud solution SaaS is intended for long-term storage of the electronic and scanned documents of the company in electronic form.

Electronic archive allows to systematize and store both the documents which are already created in electronic form, and scanned. In service there is also a function of automatic formation of reports for tax audits. With implementation of Electronic archive all range of services became available to clients of Internet bank to transition to paperless document flow for business, consider in the company.

According to the statement of Sberbank, the service will allow to create uniform base of finance documents, will reliably save them and will delete with the protocol after storage lives. The system of expanded filters and convenient grouping according to folders will accelerate document retrieval. Electronic archive is integrated with other products Sberbank Business Online, in particular, with E-invoicing service: the signed document can be transferred to the necessary folder in which it will be for only a few seconds at once.

Important feature of service — an opportunity to unload necessary documents at the request of FTS. Electronic archive will automatically create a document package in electronic form with the complete inventory. Such functionality allows to reduce quantity of errors when reporting, so, and risks of receiving penalties, noted in Sberbank.

Also Electronic archive gives an ability to manage access rights. Flexible configurations provide confidentiality of all documentation and safety of archivings. A system allows to monitor actions of each employee within those powers which are conferred to it. Actions of all users are written in the history of work with files.

Service is available to corporate clients of PJSC Sberbank in Sberbank Business Online Internet bank. The Corus Consulting CIS company entering into Group Sberbank acted as the developer of service.

Upgraded version for Windows 10

Sberbank Sberbank Business Online for Windows 10 released on April 17, 2018 upgraded version of the application. Management of deposits and integration with a 1C system became its key features.

In the updated solution Sberbank Online on Windows 10 entrepreneurs can start Business deposits, configure their conditions, prolong terms of investment of funds and set not reduced remaining balance. Also provided application version allows to import payment orders from 1C, to download statements from Sberbank Business Online and to load them into 1C. Besides, statements can be saved in the PDF format and to send them to couple of clicks to contacts from the reference book (telephone directory) on the gadget or the computer.

Characteristic of the operating system from Microsoft is work on all gadgets. Having downloaded and having set Sberbank Business Online for Windows 10, users will be able to work from any devices on this operating system: from the computer, the tablet, the notebook or gadgets "2 in 1", claim in bank.

It is possible to download Sberbank Business Online for Windows 10 in Microsoft Store. According to Sberbank for April, more than 10 thousand Russian entrepreneurs already use the application.

The simplified connection of cash desks to OFD

Sberbank and "OFD platform", the Russian fiscal data operator, in March, 2018 started the simplified connection of cash desks to the fiscal data operator (FDO) within Fiscal data operator service in internet- Sberbank Business Online bank (SBBOL). The solution allows to transmit checks in FTS Russia through OFD Platform operator.

The service is available to corporate clients of Sberbank and users of SBBOL. Connection of service happens to the help of an activation key, the special protected code. It will ensure to owners of cash desks safety of processing of their data and also access to instruments of business development in an ecosystem of OFD.

Among tools — app store of and also analytical services in a personal account OFD Platform. "ABC analysis" allows to range goods and services in importance degree for business of the client, "XYZ analysis" reflects dynamics of the goods demand which buy constantly or seldom, and the "AVS-XYZ-analiz" representing combination of the previous services helps to make the rating of the importance of goods and services in comparison with the frequency of purchases.

Start of "Service of drawing of accounts"

Sberbank announced on March 6, 2018 start of the service allowing businessmen to transfer process of exposure and payment of accounts to online and to trace receivables in real time.

"Service of drawing of accounts" is available in Internet bank to business Sberbank Business Online. It allows to create the invoice for payment and to send it to the client in the PDF format instantly, without filling of irregular shapes to 1C or Microsoft Excel.

All accounts are displayed in a personal account of service, their relevant status is highlighted in the same place. Entrepreneurs in real time can trace a payment status on the bills which are made out earlier and thus manage receivables.

The important feature of service consists that if the payer is also connected to Sberbank Business Online, he can pay such bill clicking of one button — without repeated input of details which takes away time from the payer and creates threat of emergence of errors.

Drawing of accounts is a daily routine for most of the entrepreneurs working in the field of B2B. Service of drawing of accounts will help to simplify and accelerate both exposure process, and payment of account. One more feature of service is an opportunity to manage accounts and to conduct monitoring of receivables online — the senior vice president, the head of the Corporate Business block of Sberbank Anatoly Popov emphasized.

Service is available to the address, it is possible to be connected to it in Sberbank Business Online Internet bank.

Availability of integration into "1C:Enterprise 8" to all clients

Thanks to the technological solution carrying out payments and obtaining statements in the programs "1C:Enterprise 8" became available all users of Sberbank Business Online Internet bank.

According to Sberbank, integration of systems allows to save operating time with documents. Safety of the solution is ensured by the seamless data transmission in Sberbank from programs 1C excluding exchange of intermediate files. Among other advantages of integration — the usual interface, high speed and simple setup.

Before ability to integrate Sberbank and 1C the staff of the companies, generally large and medium business working in a system Sberbank Business Online using electronic key (token) already managed to estimate.

Now this opportunity is available to clients who confirm the transactions by means of one-time SMS passwords.

Integration with 1C is already used by thousands of clients — representatives of segments of large and medium business. Weekly according to this scheme passes up to 20 thousand documents through Internet bank. On the most up-to-date data, the service is most demanded in Moscow, in the Urals and in the south of Russia — the director of the Digital Corporate Bank division Evgeny Kolbin told. — And we are glad to invite to use of service of new clients — representatives of small business who use programs 1C

Integration of Sberbank and 1C is implemented by means of service "by 1C: Direktbank" which is built in modern versions of programs of the 1C:Enterprise 8 system.

This service is provided to corporate clients of Sberbank free of charge in the presence of the current agreement of remote banking.

Start of "Credit designer"

The Corus Consulting CIS company (enters into group of Sberbank) in January, 2018 announced creation of an online service "The credit designer" whose start Sberbank announced on January 15.

"The credit designer" is the service which is built in Sberbank Business Online Internet bank. It is intended for clients representatives of medium and large business, includes three different services and three additional modes of corporate crediting. Terms for crediting can be changed, being limited only to the value of a limit and the maximum credit period. Read more here.


Implementation of a sensing technology of the person in Internet bank on Windows 10

Sberbank On November 2, 2017 announced release of the next application version internet- bank for corporate clients on to the operating system Microsoft Windows 10. In this version biometric authentications the Windows Hello technology applied to an input in Internet bank is implemented. This technology is also used in Windows 10 OS.

The range of opportunities of Windows Hello includes scanning of an iris of the eye of an eye, a fingerprint and the system of recognition of the person.

Characteristic of Windows 10 from Microsoft is support of multiplatform applications. Having downloaded and having set "Sberbank Business Online" for Windows 10 of Microsoft shop, users will be able to work in a unified environment from any devices: from the computer, the tablet, [[ Notebooks (world market)|notebook]] or smartphone.

We provided to clients "Sberbank Business Online", optimized under Windows 10. In this version work with accounts and payments, the history of transactions, currency rates are already available to clients — Anatoly Popov, the senior vice president, the head of the Corporate block of Sberbank told. — The version for Windows 10 gives to our clients a number of opportunities in comparison with traditional bank clients. The user does not need to think of what browser he uses (not all browsers are compatible to Internet banks) and whether the version of Internet bank became outdated (updating is automatic).

Sberbank and "My matters" expedited accounting for business

On November 1, 2017 Internet accounting "My case" announces integration about Sberbank Business Online. Now entrepreneurs can simplify considerably accounting and automate standard transactions.

Clients of My Case service and holders of a checking account in Sberbank should not spend time for reflection of cash flow in accounting — data are automatically transferred from Sberbank Business Online. Statements from bank are loaded into service, and the created payment orders are unloaded and go to bank. There is no need to repeatedly enter the login and the password, and tax and accounting records form in a personal account of service.

Sberbank Business Online became available to blind entrepreneurs

The version of mobile application Sberbank Business Online under management operating system iOS  became completely available to people with disabilities on sight to devices.  Among application opportunities which blind and visually impaired users can use now — creation and signing of payment orders, preparation of budget payments, search of operations with the name, a TIN and the amount, communication in a chat with the technical support specialist, currency exchange.

"Adaptation of interfaces of our products for business — very important step not only for Sberbank, but also  for the industry in general, other organizations, and not only financial are guided by us — the senior vice president of Sberbank Anatoly Popov noted. — We very much  hope that, having adapted at first mobile applications for physical, and now we and for legal entities,  will inspire dear colleagues to do the same of the large companies. It will allow to create  the ecosystem available to the most wide range of entrepreneurs in the country".

Changes in mobile application Sberbank Business Online

Since July, 2017 templates of payments Sberbank Business became online available also in mobile application. They allow to register frequent payments quickly and without excess efforts. Users do not need to fill out the payment order from scratch: it is enough to save once a template and then, if necessary, to edit it.

Besides, users of mobile application can see the available amount of an overdraft. It is displayed on the updated "cards" of accounts in an upper part of the screen.

In the application information on the arrests and restrictions imposed accounts, namely the name of the body which seized and also the amount appeared.

The application became more better to recognize electronic versions and photos of accounts in different formats for fast formation of payment orders. In addition to it function of scanning, recognition and automatic filling of the payment order by the QR code on the account appeared.

IBM became one of the chief developers mobile "Sberbank Online"

Sberbank summed up the results of competition on upgrade of mobile applications "Sberbank Online", announced in February, 2017.[2] This tender became the second attempt of bank to select developers and designers for the software. So, in January on the first similar purchase requests only from two companies arrived, and two lots were not demanded absolutely. As a result tender was cancelled. This time applications for participation were submitted at once by 11 companies, however not all of them reached a final stage of assessment.

Sberbank selected developers and designers for mobile \"Sberbank Online\"
Sberbank selected developers and designers for mobile "Sberbank Online"

The total cost of all lots remained at the previous level (273.5 million rubles), the essence of works was the same, however the bank nevertheless considered negative experience of the first tender. So, in new request for proposals separation of rates of specialists into Moscow and regions appeared. In Moscow the bank raised payment cost more than twice in comparison with the general rate of the first tender, regional rates of developers and designers also appeared above initial payment. At the same time, requirements to the sizes of project teams were reduced. In some cases the number of necessary developers was cut down from 15 to 5 people. Besides, requirements to experience of participants were also considerably reduced.

In comparison with the first tender the list of places for execution of works was considerably expanded. If earlier development had to be conducted directly in Moscow, then now in addition to the capital of steel 7 more cities are available: Innopolis, Vologda, Omsk, Novosibirsk, Bryansk, Cherepovets and St. Petersburg. And finding of specialists in this or that city could affect overall assessment of the proposal of the participant.

At the beginning of March participants of new request for proposals became known. Part of them decided to fight for all five lots at once is IBM companies ("IBM VEA"), Team Force (Team Force) and "Globus IT". The BPC Bank Technologies company submitted applications for lots 2, 3, 4 and 5. RedMadRobot ("Redmedrobot") selected the first three lots, Manufactory of Software - 1, 3 and 5 lot, Jet Infosystems - lots 2, 3 and 5.

Four more companies decided to fight for the right of development of interfaces of mobile applications (lot No. 1) is Studiya Artemiya Lebedeva (Studio Art. Lebedev LLC), "Laboratory of Interactive Design", Agim and Artikul Production.

However because of compliance of requests to requirements of documentation all reached a final stage of assessment. Some companies completely left tender, some remained are provided only to parts of lots.

At the beginning of April after final consideration of offers on lot No. 1 (Development of design of interfaces of mobile applications based on platforms iOS Android Windows) the winner the Redmedrobot company was recognized Phone. The cost of works was reduced from 23.8 to 17.4 million rubles. Rates of specialists of the company were recorded on level of 31 thousand rubles a day for Moscow and 17.4 thousand rubles for regions.

On lot No. 2 (Development and modification of mobile applications based on the IOS platform) the IBM company ("IBM VEA") got a victory. The cost of works was reduced from 107.4 to 107 million rubles. Rates of specialists are recorded at the level of 38.5 thousand rub a day for Moscow and 22.6 thousand rub for regions.

(Development and modification of mobile applications based on the Android platform) the Team Force company got lot No. 3. The cost of works was reduced from 85.5 to 83.1 million rubles. Rates of specialists in Moscow were 37.6 thousand rub a day, in regions - 22 thousand rub a day.

Gained a victory on lot No. 4 (Development and modification of mobile applications based on the Windows platform of Phone) IBM. The cost of works was reduced for 40 thousand rubles, the total price of the general agreement was 21.1 million rubles. Rates of capital specialists were 38.6 thousand rub a day, specialists in regions - 22.6 thousand rub a day.

To lot No. 5 (Execution of works on development and modification of back-end of components of mobile applications) only one company "Team Force" therefore the auction did not take place was allowed. The request of the only participant was recognized documentation conforming to requirements. With him negotiations on optimization of rates of specialists will be held. The starting price of lot was 35.6 million rubles.

In total on four lots decrease was about 9 million rubles.

Sberbank began to give advice to clients using artificial intelligence

Sberbank started at the beginning of a year My Assistant service based on artificial intelligence which will be able to predict behavior of users and to provide them with respect thereto relevant information, the bank representative told RBC. Service is implemented in the form of the section for the Sberbank Online application[3].

Service will collect the depersonalized data of users (expenditure, savings, this a profile), to create them in mathematical models and on the basis of them to draw conclusions.

At the first stage about 40 models designed on the basis of life situations were loaded into service. For example, the user sharply changed the usual behavior and began to spend much time in shops of a kidswear. The service can assume that the user expects the child and to provide it the document list on a design of the newborn and the address of state agencies where it can be done.

Generally the service offers simple councils after the analysis of behavior of the user. If "My assistant" records monthly write-off of money, he will understand that the client took a mortgage, and will remind him that it is possible to return a tax. to a takzha service is capable to react to different triggers — certain actions. For example, the user pays lease of the machine abroad — the assistant will suggest to fill the car at gas station on the minor road where gasoline is 5-7% cheaper.

The service is not tied to updating of the application therefore since February 8 Android users automatically will have a new section "My assistant" in the form of the list of relevant councils. Some offers relevant at present, will also be sent as push-notifications. Users of iPhone will be able to use function only by the beginning of March.

Sberbank expects that the new service will attract all 20 million clients who are now active users of the application "Sberbank Online".

"At the moment monetization of service will be performed through sale of banking products, increase in turnovers according to cards and increase in account balances — the bank representative explained. — Monetization on the basis of relationship with partners whose services or products will be offered users "Sberbank Online" will in the future be added.

Through councils the company can also advance both the services, and services of partners. For example, if the client withdraws money in a certain ATM, "My assistant" will recommend to a thicket to use the map to save bonuses Thanks from Sberbank. Also it will show special offers in shops by holidays, for example by March 8. According to the representative of the company, the share of the councils connected with banking products and not related will make 1 to 1. Now partner councils, for example work with (the website which helps to fill and hand over the tax declaration), the bank is going to connect such companies as Smartreading (library of non-fiction books in a sammara format), Qlean (service of professional cleaning) and partners "Sberbank Thanks" (integrates different shops and services).

Sberbank could not find developers of the mobile applications ready to work for 14-18 thousand rubles a day

Sberbank could not select the developers ready on its conditions to upgrade mobile applications "Sberbank Online" for different platforms. During the meeting of a tender committee which took place on January 18, became clear that from five lots of purchase with the total cost of 273.5 million rubles of participants interested only three.[4]. However even on these lots the arrived offers did not suit the largest Russian bank.

On the first lot it was required to develop design of interfaces of mobile applications based on platforms iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Tasks of developers had to include creation of models of screen forms of mobile applications "Sberbank Online", design of the user experience and verification of the implemented functionality according to design to models. The cost of works was estimated at 23.8 million rubles. Applications from Vebdizayn companies and "Redmedrobot" were submitted for this lot. However they did not pass qualification requirements as descriptions of only six similar projects from 10 required were specified.

On the second and third lot requests only from Redmedrobot arrived. At the same time, rates of developers of this company appeared above limit rates which were specified by bank.

In particular, on lot No. 2 (development and modification of mobile applications based on iOS) the rate of the developer specified by Sberbank made about 18.1 thousand rubles a day. Redmedrobot suggested to perform work at the cost of payment of specialists in 21.2 thousand rubles.

On lot No. 3 (development and modification of mobile applications based on Android) the gap in payment which was offered by bank, and on which the participant agreed, appeared even more. So Sberbank was going to pay for work of each specialist 14.4 thousand rubles a day whereas Redmedrobot agreed to perform works for 21.2 thousand rubles.

On development and modification problems of formation of architecture of applications, application development according to business / to technical requirements and design to models and also carrying out the review of the code entered lots. The total cost of the second lot was 107.4 million rubles, the third - 85.4 million rubles

On lot No. 4 assuming application development on Windows Phone for the total cost of 21.2 million rubles any request did not arrive. Similarly without offers there was left also fifth lot within which development and modification of back-end of components of mobile applications (35.6 million rubles) was required.

2016: Development of a prototype of the messenger inside "Sberbank Online"

In May, 2016 it became known of plans of Sberbank to develop own messenger for clients which will be built in "Sberbank Online".[5]

Sberbank announced creation of the messenger on the website. The credit institution calls a new digital product a communication framework based on the Sberbank Online system through which users will be able to communicate with friends and colleagues and also with services, shops and local business.

Sberbank announced own messenger
Sberbank announced own messenger

His developers refer "smart" search which will help to pick up the most suitable contacts for each request to number of main advantages of the messenger. The search algorithm considers data on the user, his preferences and requirements, a geoposition and transaction data, says Sberbank.

The user will be able directly to pay services in the messenger. From the companies which will register business accounts in service the bank intends to take sales commission of goods and services, the head of services "Sberbank Online" Vladimir Stasevich told Kommersant.[6]

Sberbank added that created the messenger together with Rubbles company, however it is in the future going to involve also other developers.

Now we implemented a prototype where developers get access to Messenging API and payment API. Thus, they will be able to implement scenarios of service of users. And it can be, for example, both completely automated bot, and the tool allowing to conduct dialogue with the user in a semi-automatic mode when the operator is able to participate in dialog with the client if necessary — told in Sberbank.

At first the messenger will be available only to iOS, in the future the number of supported platforms will increase. Beta testing of service will begin in August, 2016.

2015: Sberbank first-ever embedded an antivirus in finance mobile application

In 2015 Sberbank Sberbank Online for all mobile platforms several times updated applications. New opportunities in transfers, payments, management of personal finance, etc. became available to users.

The major step was taken also in the direction of security: Sberbank first-ever embedded an antivirus in finance mobile application for additional protection of users of Android. Besides, there were a personalized greeting, function of an input on a fingerprint for users iPhone, a possibility of installation of an avatar, photos to effective objectives, etc. All this allowed to make mobile products of bank not only useful and convenient, but also pleasant to use.


Updating "Sberbank Onl@yn": "Автоплатеж", expansion of mobile functionality, function of financial planning

The service of "Avtoplatezh" – automatic replenishment of balance of the mobile phone from the account of the bank card is among new products of fall of 2012 of Sberbank Onl@yn service at decrease in a remaining balance to the set minimum value. It is planned that further the operation principle of "Avtoplatezha" will be used for payment of services of housing and public utilities.

Screenshot of a window of Sberbank Onl@yn service, 2014

Together with Aeroflot airline Sberbank started the program of payment of tickets by method, usual for users of service, in real time. When armoring tickets on the official site of airline there is a transition to a personal account "Sberbank Onl@yn" in which the client will fill a payment form, selects the corresponding card and confirms transaction. If data are entered truly, he receives the check with indication of parameters of armoring and the e-ticket. Also earlier reserved air tickets can be paid in ATMs and self-service terminals of Sberbank now.

Services "Sberbank Onl@yn", provided using the mobile phone are considerably improved: users of service can transfer money from the card to the card, having specified the phone number of the receiver and the amount.

"Sberbank Onl@yn" which technology platform is the software package InterBank it is possible to refer function of personal financial planning to number of the innovation new products. She allows to develop an individual investment strategy for implementation of the financial purposes of each client of Sberbank.

At the beginning of 2012 R-Style Softlab stated that the working capacity "Sberbank Onl@yn" on mobile devices with the operating system iOS is provided. Since that moment enormous work on building of opportunities of mobile application was carried out – at the moment it is brought to the level of full-scale functionality of major version of a system of Internet banking.

The company started project implementation "Sberbank Onl@yn" at the end of 2008. Service was brought into commercial operation in six territorial banks of Sberbank of Russia in 2010, and to the middle clients of 15 territorial banks (all them 18) became 2012 users of the centralized remote services.

"Sberbank Onl@yn" became available on iOS

At the beginning of 2012 R-Style Softlab provided operability of the Sberbank Onl@yn application for mobile devices with the operating system iOS, having expanded the list of channels of access for clients to remote service.

The InterBank Retail system is integrated with the most various automated software products: with card processing of Sberbank, several core banking systems, back office, billing and payment systems. Its opportunities for modification and adaptation provide use in the conditions of territorial dissociation, weak communication channels, a difference of time zones, etc. Modern scalable industrial database servers and applications provide high-quality service more than 5 million clients in uniform space, conforming to strict requirements of information security.

According to experts of R-Style Softlab, such means of communication as communicators and smartphones in the near future will become dominating in many spheres of human activity, including financial. Any client of credit institution by means of mobile banking gets the round-the-clock access to the RBS system (remote banking) for operational verification of information on cards, deposits and the credits, implementation of transfers between the cards and deposits, debt repayment and instant making payments to cellular operators, Internet service providers and other popular service providers.

Important characteristic of mobile banking – general availability. It means that, on the one hand, the technical means allowing to perform RBS login should be widespread and acceptable at the price, and with another – it is necessary to offer the client of bank access through different channels in any their combination. Cooperating with Sberbank, we together move in this direction. Already now on the basis of our solution works on ensuring operability of the Sberbank Online application for other popular mobile platforms are conducted, – the director of the department of the systems of electronic banking of R-Style Softlab Alexey Kiryushenkov considers.


New version Sberbank-Onl@yn: data visualization about transactions and turnovers

In February, 2011 it became known of release of the new version of the solution of Internet banking Sberbank-Onl@yn. In the system implemented in the form of applications for computers with the Windows operating system and devices from Apple (iPhone and iPad) data visualization about transactions and turnovers, charts and diagrams one click including integrated on several accounts, the personified interface with a possibility of creation of the unique page of Internet bank will be available.

The Sberbank of Russia expects to make the Internet banking by this social network and to increase the average time of finding of clients in a system, developed the special games allowing to accumulate bonuses and to exchange them with friends.

To "Sberbank Onl@yn" 11 territorial banks are connected

In 2011 to a centralized system "Sberbank Onl@yn", implemented on the basis of the software package InterBank, eleven territorial banks of Sberbank are connected (all them 17). InterBank is the component structure which is based on a concept of process, is performed in SOA architecture and functions based on the industrial Oracle Database database servers and application servers supporting J2EE technology (IBM WebSphere, Oracle WebLogic, etc.).

2008-2010: Project implementation "Sberbank Onl@yn" in six territorial banks

The R-Style Softlab company announced in August, 2010 project implementation "Sberbank Onl@yn" on providing service of Internet banking in six territorial banks of Savings bank of the Russian Federation: Central Russian, Northern, Altai, Northeast, Volga-Vyatka, East Siberian. At the heart of new service of Sberbank in the specified branches – the system of remote banking the "Internet client for individuals" (IKFL) who is a part of the software package InterBank.

From the technical point of view, the global project "Sberbank Onl@yn is the centralized automated system which allows any client of this largest credit institution to perform financial transactions on the Internet. According to the strategic plans announced by Sberbank of Russia, interaction of clients with bank via remote channels had to not only reduce queues and by that to unload offices of bank, but also to become the attractive service promoting growth of the customer base. However during implementation of this project Sberbank decided to make corrections to priorities: according to the new development strategy, each client coming to Sberbank should receive the best service in the market. For compliance to the stated level of "The best Internet bank" Sberbank made strict requirements on accumulation of functionality of the Sberbank Online system, its reliability, attractiveness, convenience of work and terms of delivery in commercial operation of the updated product.

R-Style Softlab started project implementation "Sberbank Onl@yn" in 2008 in territorial banks of Sberbank of Russia. In 2009 other territorial banks were attached to the uniform processing center of the Sberbank Onl@yn system located in the Central Russian bank of Sberbank of Russia.

For project implementation of "The best Internet bank" the R-Style Softlab company booked audit of the user preferences and offered Sberbank the esklyuzivny version of the interface and logic of work of clients in a system. The changes considering the existing technologies and business processes of bank were made to functionality of a system. According to the results of works on this project the new system of Internet banking for private clients was highly appreciated by both Sberbank, and his clients.

During operating time over the Sberbank Onl@yn project of R-Style Softlab confirmed integration and load opportunities of the product and showed high scalability solutions under required by bank parameters. In six territorial banks of Sberbank of Russia the "Internet Client for Individuals" system is integrated with the most various automated software products: with card processing of Sberbank, several core banking systems, back office, billing and payment systems. Systems capabilities on modification and adaptation allow to use effectively it in the conditions of territorial dissociation, weak communication channels, a difference of time zones and other similar factors. Use of modern industrial database servers and applications allow to service in a common information space more than 700 thousand clients today, at the same time the potential of a system allows to provide high-quality service of almost unlimited number of users.