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Sberbank will implement solutions of CST for digitalization of business processes of bank in Kazakhstan

Customers: Sberbank of Russia

Moscow; Financial services, investments and audit

Product: The projects of control systems of access based on identification of the person (biometrics)

Project date: 2016/12  - 2019/06


2019: Implementing solution of CST

On June 7, 2019 it became known that DB JSC Sberbank (Kazakhstan) will implement solutions of CST group for digitalization of business processes of bank. The voice biometrics allows employees in natural communication without additional questions quickly to identify the person and at once to pass to the solution of a question, and technologies of speech analysis help to keep track of quality of banking products and services.

Virtual assistants will increase the speed and standards of customer service of bank. A sensing technology and speech synthesis from CST support the Kazakh and Russian languages.

Digitalization of business processes — one of the most important directions of development of our bank. It is sure that the signed memorandum will become an important step in the course of digital-transformation. We are faced by ambitious tasks, and I am glad that CST group will become one of our partners,
told Alexander Kamalov, the Chairman of the board of DB JSC Sberbank (Kazakhstan)

We are glad to partnership with one of the largest banks of Kazakhstan. We hope that our cooperation will become an important stage not only in the history of bank, but also for all banking market of Central Asia,
noted Dmitry Dyrmovsky, the CEO of CST group

2016: Choice of system provider of biometric authentication

Sberbank is going to use biometric authentication for access control of employees to information systems. For this purpose the bank made qualification selection of the companies and automated systems of identification which results were announced at the end of December, 2016[1].

Sberbank will tell employees from the face and a palm
Sberbank will tell employees from the face and a palm

Four participants managed to undergo selection. The companies "VisionLabs" and "Komlodzhik" received (VisionLabs) on 0.995 points (the maximum assessment is equal to 1) for technologies of authentication for the person. "Fujitsu Technology Solutions" and "Prosoft-Biometrics" the mark 0.997 for recognition according to the venous drawing of a palm was put down to the companies. The lowest passing score made 0.991.

In addition to these companies, 9 more participants also took part in selection: MDG Innovations, "Technoserv of AS", Sistemprom Concern, Jet Infosystems, AMT Group, "IBS Examination", Hi-tech of Security guard, Simple Solutions and Tendo.

Sberbank is going to apply biometric solutions as a part of uniform service of authentication to business process optimization, development of remote links of customer service, increase in level of information security and fight against fraud.

Now for access control the system created on the IBM Tivoli Access Manager and IBM Tivoli Identity Manager platforms is used. The new solution should automate authentication process on the basis of biometric data. At the same time the following conditions should be satisfied:

  • In case of use as the video camera scanner the user should be located at distance of 0.5 m – 1.5 m from a video camera lens;
  • System operation should be steady against change of illumination of the premises.
  • A system defines that the received image is display of the original (i.e. the living employee) and provides impossibility of substitution of his photo or video with the image, or any other model.
  • A system should execute collecting of biometric data without the need for contact (touch) of the user to sensors or the scanner

Time of authentication of the employee should not exceed 2 seconds from receiving a request in a system for the volume of reference base of 300,000 unique records. At the same time, the share of right operations should be at the level of 99.99%.

In December, 2016 Tinkoff Bank started the system of verification and identification of persons. The supplier of appropriate technology selects software developer and cloud services for VisionLabs banks which provided the platform of VisionLabs LUNA. Bank will use the system of face recognition for carrying out offline investigations: the analysis of the customer base for the purpose of identification of signs of fraud and also for verification according to the photo of the clients who submitted the loan application. Implementation of technology will allow to reduce time of processing of requests and to reduce credit risks of bank.