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Sea bank selected Single Connect for control of exclusive access

Customers: Sea bank

Moscow; Financial services, investments and audit

Contractors: Krontech
Product: Krontech Single Connect

Project date: 2019/05  - 2019/10

2019: Single Connect implementation

On November 28, 2019 the Krontech company reported that its product Single Connect was selected by Sea Bank for solving of tasks of the privileged users connected with access control to direct systems.

The product Single Connect is created on an application development platform, working based on cloud infrastructure. Created to be indivisible element of IT infrastructure, Single Connect protects data assets of the company against internal and external threats. Using the most modern technologies of management of sessions, Single Connect registers each session and also each key press, and allows to define politicians for users and user groups. Possibilities of preventive monitoring provide the additional security level of access at simultaneous ensuring strict compliance to internal regulations.

Our solution was selected by the Sea Bank creating and supporting modern infrastructure of information security support both in bank and for the clients. Working with IT a command of Sea Bank, we implement the solution which allows to simplify and strengthen management of exclusive accounts,
speaks Orhan Yildirim, the chief executive of Single Connect Business Unit

Prevention of threats of cyber security is one of important priorities on our agenda. Single Connect, being the solution for management of exclusive access, is an important protective barrier which promotes also process optimization in our Bank,
told Antonina Gilts, the Chairman of the board of Sea Bank (autonomous area)