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The Sever.AI HR robot selects personnel for Svez

Customers: Sveza holding

Yekaterinburg; Forest and woodworking economy

Product: SeverAI
На базе: Artificial intelligence (AI, Artificial intelligence, AI)

Project date: 2019/01  - 2019/06

On July 11, 2019 it became known that "Sveza", the woodworking company implemented an automated system of search and personel assessment with the help artificial intelligence SeverAI.

The HR robot selects candidates for positions of the production manager and specialists of support of sales. The company confirms that, perhaps, in the future will also use the Sever.AI resources for search of candidates for all key positions and for formation of a talent pool.

Sever understands, this or that skill for a specific position is how critical. At the same time it is possible both to set important skills manually, and to use the built-in analytics allowing a system to study open sources for understanding of an essence of work of the specific specialist. The artificial intelligence of Sever.AI works at fundamentals of technology of topic modeling. Unlike many automated solutions, it is able to process precisely huge arrays of the text and to find the summary on sense, but not just on a marking of a key word. Search of candidates turns out initially more focal on suitable candidates.

Then Sever ranges on compliance to requirements of a vacancy and sends to candidates of the SMS with information on a vacancy and if the applicant responds, then he is called by the robot. Sever.AI is able to recognize the speech thanks to Speech-To-Text technology that allows it to communicate with the person freely: tell about a vacancy and answer questions. At the end of a conversation the robot suggests the candidate to pass a video interview. If the person is interested, then to him the link for interviewing is sent.

For us as for the progressive company it is important to follow trends in the field of digitalization. The artificial intelligence in selection guarantees the round-the-clock replenishment of base of applicants, reduction of temporary resources on search, the analysis of questionnaires and holding interviews. As a part of Severgroup we get unconditional advantages in the form of access to the best practices and practices of other companies of holding. When implementing the innovation projects we involve in process of colleagues from holding who already have experience necessary for us. And that we managed to start, eat so quickly it a big merit of specialists of Sever.Al


The video interview can be passed from any device with the camera which has Internet access. The applicant online answers 10 questions made by specialists of Sveza company. Sever.AI analyzes a sound (a timbre, intonations - only 130 parameters), the image (micromimicry) and the text (semantic contents of answers).

Candidates are not afraid to communicate with the robot at all, on the contrary, most often communication with it appears more fruitful, than with the person. Candidates feel comfortable and can ask the robot questions which usually hesitate to sound to the recruiter. In a case with Sveza the stage of a video interview was reached by 20% of candidates, and it is a fine indicator 一 average digit on a funnel usually 5%,

According to the results of the analysis of an interview of Sever.AI also puts down a mark. Thus, the HR department receives two grades on the candidate: the first shows compliance to requirements of a vacancy, and the second 一 according to the results of an interview. Ideally both grades should correlate with each other. If there is a strong discrepancy, then most likely the candidate specified malformed data about the qualification or work experience in the summary.

Sever.AI technologies will allow the staff of HR services to save on average up to 56% of working time — about 88 hours a month. For assessment of hundred summaries the artificial intelligence needs 5 seconds, to the person 一 on average 50 minutes. The robot can have a phone conversation with one hundred people in 600 seconds, and on a video interview 1800 seconds will be required.