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The Chinese may pay subway fare with face

Customers: Shenzhen  subway


Contractors: Huawei
Product: Huawei Cloud
На базе: Artificial intelligence (AI, Artificial intelligence, AI)

Project date: 2019/03

In March, 2019 the Shenzhen  subway started a payment system of trips by means of a sensing technology of persons. The technology earned from the Futian station, and for its implementation the pilot 5G network was started there

Instead of showing the ticket or to scan the QR code on  the smartphone, passengers are enough to approach  the small screen at  an input on  the station and  to scan the person. A system recognizes the person and  will automatically charge money off  the linked account.

After scanning face passengers will be able to look on the separate screen at information on themselves, including photos, a sex, age and duration of stay in the subway.

It is possible to pay trips in the Chinese subway with the person now
It is possible to pay trips in the Chinese subway with the person now

A system uses the algorithms of artificial intelligence working in connection with a 5G networks and developed by the operator of the subway together with Huawei. The company started service based on the public cloud.

The subway noted that the high speed and stability of networks of fifth generation helps to increase efficiency and quality of work of network equipment in the subway and also to reduce costs.

Payment of travel by the subway on the system of face recognition works in the test mode. Terms of start of technology at other stations do not reveal. The South China Morning Post edition notes that thanks to the scanner of persons it is possible to accelerate a passenger traffic in the subway as such payment method is faster in comparison with others.[1]

The subway  is the most popular method of movement of residents  Shenzhen  with the population more than 11 million human. The subway constructed in 2004 by March of the 2019th contains eight lines. It is the fifth Chinese  subway which length is nearly 300 km, and number of stations — about 200. Every day in the Shenzhen subway about 5 million trips are made.