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Qualcomm Technologies and Siemens created private SA 5G network in the industrial environment

Customers: Siemens AG

Berlin; Electrical equipment and microelectronics

Product: Projects of creation of complex telecom infrastructure

Project date: 2019/06  - 2019/11

2019: Creation of private SA 5G network in the industrial environment

The companies Qualcomm Technologies also Siemens implemented in the Car transport the test center Siemens (Siemens Automotive Test Center) in Nuremberg (Germany) the joint project for verification of the concept which task consists in showing work of private 5G network SA (standalone is autonomous architecture) in the frequency range of 3.7-3.8 GHz in the real industrial environment. Qualcomm Technologies provided test 5G network and industrial test devices 5G which work at basic technologies of a 5G, and Siemens provided end industrial devices, such as automatically managed vehicles (AGV). On November 29, 2019 reported about it in Qualcomm Technologies.

Automatically managed Siemens vehicles with solution 5G Modem-RF System of Qualcomm Technologies company

Check of experimental private SA 5G network in the Motor transportation test center Siemens will allow Siemens and Qualcomm Technologies to test technologies, to solve the existing problems and to develop solutions for the future of private wireless industrial applications. Qualcomm Technologies installed industrial test devices 5G and also created test SA 5G network which consists of basic 5G network and the base station of a 5G with a portable broadcasting center. Siemens provided the real plant, including management systems of Simatic and the input/output device.

"This project will give us practical knowledge which both companies will be able to apply in future solutions that will become an important stage on the way of implementation of a 5G to industrial automation. Consolidation of our solutions 5G and revolutionary industrial developments of Siemens will help us to implement technologies, to improve solutions and to bring closer the future of the "smart" industry",

Enrico Salvatori, the senior vice president of Qualcomm Europe, Inc noted. and president of Qualcomm Europe/MEA

"the 5G in the industry is a key to creation of full-scale wireless networks for production, service and logistics. High data transfer rates, ultrahigh reliability and extremely low level of a delay will allow to increase considerably efficiency and flexibility of industrial enterprises, increasing their profitability",

'Eckard Eberle, the CEO on industrial automation, Siemens noted'

Within the research conducted in the Motor transportation test center Siemens industrial technologies, such as OPC UA and Profinet which work requires SA 5G network will be tested and be estimated. In Germany for private networks it is possible to use the frequency range of 3.7-3.8 GHz which was specially reserved for industrial local solutions. Similar private networks allow industrial facilities to manage own networks at discretion, providing high reliability, the low level of a delay and a possibility of configuration change of network according to the changing requirements of the enterprise. At the same time data can remain in the territory of the enterprise that raises the security level, underlined in Qualcomm Technologies.