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Comparex protected mail servers and workstations of Syzran Refinery

Customers: Syzran Refinery

Syzran; Oil industry

Contractors: Comparex
Product: Kaspersky Total Space Security
Second product: Kaspersky Security

Project date: 2018/07  - 2018/12

On January 31, 2019 Comparex announced delivery of software products of Kaspersky Lab to Syzran Refinery of Rosneft company. Solutions of vendor will provide to the customer a comprehensive protection of mail servers and workstations.

JSC Syzran Refinery is located in the Samara region and is a part of the Samara group of oil refineries of Rosneft.

The reliable, complete solution allowing to provide protection of different nodes of network, such as workstations, mobile devices, file servers acts as an important component of smooth operation of IT infrastructure of the large company.

After implementation by specialists of COMPAREX of the protective solution Kaspersky Total Security for business and also Kaspersky Security for virtual environments we received several advantages: centralized operation by antivirus protection of the PC and servers of the enterprise; fast, without loading of a system, work; reliable protection against the maximum number of viruses.
Nikolaev Sergey Evgenyevich, the leading specialist of SZ on IT of JSC Syzran Refinery