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"Girlfriend" automated work with customs declarations on goods using Directum

Customers: Taber Trade (Girlfriend)

Moscow; Trade

Contractors: Directum
Product: Directum (EDMS/ECM system)

Project date: 2018/05  - 2019/10


Automation of work with customs declarations

On January 13, 2020 the company Directum reported that the retail network cosmetics "Girlfriend" automated processing of customs declarations on goods with the help DIRECTUM systems thanks to what saves more than 200 working hours of employees in a year. Besides, the labor input on document retrieval and preparation for tax audits decreased.

"Girlfriend" automated work with customs declarations on goods using Directum

Project Goals and Objectives

System implementation of DIRECTUM in the company began with optimization of work with primary accounting documents. The next stage of the project concerned process of a design of the goods moved through border.

In Podruzhka shops the wide range of products not only the Russian, but also foreign brands therefore work with customs declarations on goods – an integral part of document flow is provided. Every month in the company about 60 declarations are processed, each of which may contain up to 200 positions. To manually transfer data from the portal of electronic declaring to the accounting system it was labor-consuming, besides it was impossible to exclude the probability of technical errors.

So, in February, 2019 the stage of automation of work with customs declarations on goods started. The implementation team was faced by tasks:

  • create a common information space for systems participating in turnover of customs papers;
  • exclude manual entering of data in a system from declarations — to automate process;
  • simplify selection and configure submission of customs declarations for tax audits in electronic form;
  • organize uniform storage of legally significant electronic documents (UPD, invoices, declarations on goods).

Project Progress

The project was implemented on the basis of methodology of DELOITTE, and specialists of Directum company became the contractor. It was succeeded to implement the solution in 4 months. Processing of customs declarations on goods is as a result ordered and completely automated.

Declarations on goods come to a system from the special portal of electronic declaring Alta-Soft in a format of the Federal Customs Service. When processing the declaration in DIRECTUM several operations are performed at once:

  • check xml-files on availability of obligatory data (the code of a customs post, the passport number of the transaction, date and number of the commodity declaration) and electronic signature. At identification of errors a system directs the notification responsible with the message about need of adjustment of information;
  • on the basis of data from XML file the document and a card with the main details of the declaration is automatically created.

Before sending the document for approval along the preconfigured route of DIRECTUM checks existence of the PDF version which is also loaded from the Viola software server. After approval and signing data are transferred to the accounting system.

Thanks to property of version control in XML electronic document management system - and the PDF version of one declaration displays as the uniform document. All declarations are stored in archive which is displayed as the reference book with the document list.

Project Results

Automation of work with declarations on goods not only reduced labor input of their processing, but simplified a number of the accompanying procedures. Estimated effect at Taber Trade LLC:

  • the company saves more than 200 working hours of employees a year due to reduction of manual transactions;
  • on goods it is easy for declaration to find on invoice numbers or other details – on search several seconds leave;
  • it became simpler to prepare for tax audits – the simple scenario is available to accountants to unloading of declarations in the PDF format;
  • errors because of a human factor are excluded;
  • the uniform archive of declarations on goods and universal transfer documents is organized.

In the future the company is also going to automate work with agreements and the entering invoices for payment.

Results of implementation of an ECM system and transition to electronic exchange of documents with partners

On November 28, 2019 the Directum company summed up the results of implementation of the DIRECTUM ECM system and transition to electronic exchange of documents with partners to Taber Trade companies.

Project Goals and Objectives

The Taber Trade company has the distributed structure. Transition to electronic interaction with partners through services of exchange helped to minimize document flow costs. As partners work with different operators of electronic document management of e-document flow, in Taber Trade were connected to several services of exchange at once. Considering high traffic of document flow in each direction and feature of processing of primary accounting documentation, serious review of all process was required.

"At the time of search of vendor our company already conducted electronic document management with some commodity suppliers. But as the operator of e-document flow is obliged to store only receipts and protocols, but not the electronic document, the organization of archive of electronic documents became a paramount task for us. Also it was important to automate verification process of documents, to guarantee easy access to an image of the electronic document from the accounting system, to provide support of a multioperatornost",

Premises of optimization of work with the primary accounting documents (PAD):

  • need of work with several services of exchange;
  • absence of uniform electronic financial archive of documents;
  • labor input of processing of the arrived documents;
  • need for the convenient instrument of approval;
  • aiming at centralization of business systems of the company.

The customer made the decision to implement a single system of acceptance, approval and storage of electronic finance documents from different services of exchange.

Project Progress

Stage 1. Non-commodity primary accounting documents


  • Automate work with the non-commodity PUD arriving from services of exchange.
  • Organize electronic financial archive of documents.

The non-commodity transactions connected with lease of premises, advertizing, economic purchases, etc. have an important feature – conditions of each transaction are individual. For this reason work with such documents means additional approvals and checks.

Work with non-commodity primary accounting documents

How it works:

  1. Primary accounting document comes from service of exchange directly to the electronic document management system (EDMS) where automatically contacts the agreement according to the transaction. All documents under the agreement form a uniform set, so the user can easily find all information on the transaction if it has access rights.
  2. EDMS automatically determines the manager, responsible for processing — as a rule, this is the employee of Taber Trade who concluded the bargain (responsible for the agreement) or to whom the organization partner is assigned. Responsible for processing the task comes to consideration of the entering PUD — it needs to check compliance of contents of the document to terms of transaction only.
  3. After approval of PUD responsible the task automatically goes to the accountant. As soon as the document is approved in EDMS, he automatically subscribes by the qualified electronic signature (QES) of responsible and is brought in 1C for recognition. The answer goes to the partner through service of exchange.

Signing of documents CAPS guarantees their invariance and the legal importance.

Stage 2. Commodity primary accounting documents


  • Automate work with commodity PUD which accompany process of the order - goods acceptance.
  • Organize storage of the received files in uniform financial archive.

The documents according to commodity transactions connected with direct activity – acquisition of products for the subsequent sale are, as a rule, same and their quantity is high. Verification processes and processings of such PUD are accurately built long ago.

Work with commodity primary accounting documents

How it works:

  1. the Purchase order goes through an EDI system. The supplier completes it and sends, and Taber Trade receives the shipping notification with the complete list of information on goods (the size, weight, the name, quantity, etc.).
  2. After goods acceptance the employee of Taber Trade sends to the supplier the notification on acceptance with information on actually accepted goods, it helps to create correct the invoice. On the basis of this notification in the accounting system the project of wiring is created.
  3. After obtaining the notification on goods acceptance the supplier creates the universal transfer document (UTD) which goes to Taber Trade through service of exchange.
  4. the Come UPD is automatically loaded into EDMS where on an order number it is automatically verified with the project of wiring in the accounting system
    • order amounts;
    • VAT amounts;
    • GLN (the international code applied in the systems of Electronic Data Interchange and e-commerce).

  5. If reconciliation took place successfully, then EDMS automatically signs documents CAPS approving (depending on the partner).
  6. After signing of the document wiring in the accounting system is automatically created, then UPD goes to the supplier through service of exchange.
  7. If the document was not found in the accounting system or discrepancies came to light, then in EDMS the task to the accountant with result of reconciliation automatically forms. After elimination of discrepancies the document goes to repeated check or failure is made out. The partner receives the answer through service of exchange.

If the project of wiring in the accounting system and UPD were made correctly, process from the moment of obtaining the document before sending the signed copy to the partner takes place in service of exchange without participation of the person.

Project Results

The uniform financial archive organized in EDMS ensures safety of the stored information taking into account access rights, at the same time work both with formalized, and with unformalized documents is supported. Also special scenarios of preparation to tax and to audits are provided in the DIRECTUM system: financial statements of the organization form in several clicks, and documents are unloaded according to requirements of regulatory authorities.

Due to automation of process of registration and sending UPD to the partner costs for delivery, check and signing of documents were significantly reduced. The facts of sending, receiving and return are strictly controlled.

Integration of services of exchange and electronic document management system based on DIRECTUM played a crucial role in optimization of an inner loop of approval of PUD. For November, 2019 Taber Trade selects several key advantages of such approach:

  • processing of commodity and non-commodity PUD in an electronic document management system means strict routing of documents – all time limit is observed and influence of a human factor is minimized;
  • processing of PUD on commodity document flow is possible without participation of the person thanks to what effective time of employees is released;
  • financial risks on processing of some primary accounting documents with strictly limited time for signing decrease;
  • all finance documents of the organization are stored in uniform archive which facilitates information search and preparation for checks, provides access control to data.

2018: Transfer to an electronic form of processing of primary accounting documentation

On November 30, 2018 the DIRECTUM company reported that the retail network of cosmetics of Podruzhka (Taber Trade LLC) transferred processing of primary accounting documentation to an electronic form. As a result in the company work with the entering finance documents is arranged, the uniform electronic archive is organized and also preparation to tax and to audits is automated.

Project Tasks

The distributed structure of the organization, large volume of document flow and interaction with partners through several operators of e-document flow complicated Taber Trade processing of primary accounting documentation. In the company decided to review the methods of work and to optimize processes using an electronic document management system:

  • organize electronic financial archive;
  • accelerate approval of primary accounting documentation;
  • simplify preparation of reports for checks of regulators;
  • configure automatic unloading of finance documents from EDMS in the accounting system of the company.

Project Progress

At the first stage of the project specialists of DIRECTUM optimized work with "non-commodity" primary accounting documents of the company. On them Taber Trade rents premises, buys advertizing, stationery and so forth. The second stage covered the "commodity" documents connected with direct activity of the company – acquisition of products for the subsequent sale. The works are going to be completed in January, 2019.

Project Results

Thanks to implementation of DIRECTUM work with financial documentation of the company managed to be arranged and reduced to several stages:

  1. Automatic unloading of documents from e-document flow services in DIRECTUM.
  2. Linking with the relevant agreement and consideration by responsible.
  3. Accomplishment of automatic checks with data of the accounting system.
  4. Signing of documents the qualified electronic signature, and their sending to the partner through e-document flow service.

All primary documentation of the company is stored in uniform electronic archive. Easily and quickly to find the necessary document in a system using full-text search. Preparation for tax and to audits became simpler: financial statements of the organization form in several clicks.

"A system proved as the convenient and modern tool for document flow optimization. Thanks to DIRECTUM we significantly reduced terms of approval of documents and also could increase control over this process. The intuitive interface of a system does possible its mastering without additional training. In our plans – automation of approval of agreements of partners, documents on import deliveries and other business processes of the company".

Olga Tenchurina, chief accountant of the company