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As Philosophy.IT automated Girlfriend

Customers: Taber Trade (Girlfriend)

Moscow; Trade

Contractors: Philosophy. IT
Product: Projects of IT outsourcing

Project date: 2018/08  - 2019/05

The Filosofiya.It company helped to pass retail networks of Girlfriend cosmetics to omnichannel management of promoaktivnost and processing of the loyalty program. The solution covers about 250 shops of network across all Russia and also Podruzhki online store.

\"Philosophy.IT\" automated Girlfriend
"Philosophy.IT" automated Girlfriend

The Filosofiya.It company implemented the CRM system which performs processing of the discount loyalty program in retail network of Girlfriend cosmetics and provides omnichannel of customer service. Within the project business process reengineering of network is carried out, the matrix of promotion actions is structured and simplified. It allowed to simplify workflows for the staff of Girlfriend and to provide transparency of pricing for clients.

Solution development took nine months. The organization of start of a system through "piloting" allowed to transfer all shops to other processing imperceptibly for clients of Girlfriend. After a system was successfully unrolled in online store of network, physical sales points were connected.

Before implementation in the company there was no mechanism of centralized operation by the loyalty program. Promotion actions were configured in the different systems by technical specialists according to requests of department of marketing and other divisions, and separately for cash desks in outlets and separately for online store. It led to big labor costs and opacity of processes both for employees, and for buyers. Now all settings are performed in a single system by employees, responsible for promotion actions. There were unknown services, for example identification of the client at the checkout by the phone number earlier.

We received the convenient tool for program management of loyalty and promotion actions. It will help to improve client experience of the company. Our buyers – the most important for us. Thus, we are glad that the implemented IT solution allows to give them high-quality service,
speaks Alexander Golubev, the Chief information officer of Podruzhka retail network

Each outlet tries to attract and hold clients in the current realities, and so far as concerns large networks, not to do without modern instruments of automation and management of programs of loyalty. Our task is in not just to automate marketing processes, and to help network to increase brand recognition and loyalty of buyers, to provide capitalization growth,
emphasized Medea Pasenova, the head of management practice with loyalty of Filosofiya.It company